world records 15 Easy World Records You Could Probably Beat  

Steve Wright
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There's a world record for just about everything, and your name doesn't have to be Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt to break one. There are some easy world records that anyone can beat which don't take both natural talent and countless hours of training to achieve. 

These are the kinds of records that take little skill, can be learned quickly, and often are just plain dumb. These are the records that might exist just because they can -- that are so crazy or over-the-top, someone is willing to attempt to try them to have their name in history books. 

These are the unsung heroes: the ice cream stackers, the mattress divers, the cup musicians. 

And while these records seem silly, don't laugh. Regardless of what they achieved, they are on top of their game. Think you can beat one of them? Take a look at these records and see for yourself. 

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Largest Cup Percussion Ensemble

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  • Record Holder: Onze-Lieve-Vrouwlyceum
  • Where: Genk, Belgium
  • When: February 24, 2014

A cup percussion ensemble is apparently a thing, and the current world record for people banging cups in tune is 349 participants at a school in Genk, Belgium. All it takes to break this record is a large group of people, cups, and probably a good set of ear plugs. The Belgians broke the record playing "Cups" from Pitch Perfect, but feel free to be creative with the song choice.

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Farthest Distance to Blow a Pea

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  • Record Holder: Andre Ortolf
  • Where: Augsburg, Germany
  • When: July 12, 2014

The record for blowing a pea the farthest distance currently stands at 24 feet, 7.66 inches. This is obviously a mighty blow, but someone with lots of lung power (perhaps a former musician) would be ideally suited to beat this record. Just be sure to make an attempt inside, away from the wind, and on a flat surface for validity.

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Largest Human Mattress Dominoes

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  • Record Holder: Ayd Group, Stylution International (China) Corp.
  • Where: Wuhan, China
  • When: July 23, 2016

This is probably an easy record to break. The requirements? A lot of friends and a lot of the same mattress.The current record is 2,016 people and mattresses being toppled domino-style in a record attempt that lasted almost 15 minutes from the first fall to the last. Clearly, it would take some serious planning, but there is no real skill here, just people falling over in the most comfortable way imaginable.

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Most Functional Gadgets in a Cosplay Suit

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  • Record Holder: Julian Checkley
  • Where: Galway, Ireland
  • When: November 1, 2015

When it comes to cosplay, fans can either go big or go home. Julian Checkley certainly went big with his Batman suit that featured 23 functioning gadgets including a fireball launcher, smoke bombs, and a grapnel gun. In truth, all you need to do to beat this record is copy Checkley's design and add one more item that works. A built-in cooler for long nights in the Batcave, perhaps?