These Guys Can Somehow Eat 74 Hot Dogs in Just 10 Minutes  

Jadyn Beyer

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contests are like car accidents on the freeway. You really don't want to look, but you are compelled to stare as you contemplate the complexities of life. Or, in this case, as your mind is boggled by the unwavering ability of humans to shove an unimaginable number of hot dogs down their throats in an absurdly brief amount of time.

To the dismay of arteries everywhere, professional hot dog eaters flock to Brooklyn every Fourth of July to see who can stuff the most hot dogs down their gullets, and this year's contest did not disappoint.

There seems to be no end number to the amount of hot dogs one can eat in 10 minutes. To be certain, the size of the people winning these contests is baffling. Where do 74 hot dogs go in such svelte humans?

Watch the video to see who wins the Pepto-Bismol-sponsored pink belt, and then go make a healthy meal plan for the rest of the week.