Snacks This Guy Tried Every Flavor Of Pringles So You Don't Have To  

Mick Jacobs

Dozens and dozens of different Pringles flavors have blessed the world of junk food, making it hard to determine which one reigns supreme above all others. Thankfully, comedian Jon Gabrus appears in the video below to figure out how the flavors of Pringles stack up against each other.

Even though Gabrus only works with only a select few flavors, this makes for no easy task. With 14 flavors featured in the video, Gabrus must take up the task of ranking sour cream and onion against BBQ and pizza flavors.

Naturally, such ranking can be incendiary based on people's own personal tastes. Because of this, Gabrus carefully and thoughtfully examines each flavor the way a sommelier examines wine, except this is much less classy.

Watch the video below to figure out which flavor of cylindrically housed snack stands out from the rest.