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9 Critically Endangered Animals Whose Extinction Will Have Dire Consequences

Everything in the world plays into our Earth's ecosystem. Each species has a role in keeping our planet going - whether its bees who pollunate plants that enable fruit to grow or predators like the shark that keep other species from overpopulating. The world requires a delicate balance that keeps everything in check.

And sadly, there are several animals whose extinction could cause major problems. These animals are critically endangered, the last of the last, the dying breeds. Their deaths leave behind irreparable holes in the circle of life, where everything touches in order to move, like wheels on a pulley lifting unfathomable weights, reaching unimaginable heights.

What happens if it all just suddenly stops? You could wake up tomorrow without food, oxygen or housing. The sun could completely overheat the Earth. The jellyfish could overrun the waters. The waters could dry up and be no more. This is what will happen when endangered animals go extinct.

The consequences of endangered animals going extinct range from loss of life to lack of wealth to the depletion of Earth’s resources. The ecological impact of extinction of endangered animals could be devastating. Here’s an overview of some of the most endangered animals on the planet, those who are critically endangered. They face extinction today, but we need them around for tomorrow. Here’s what could happen if they die along with how likely it is that they will and why they’re at risk in the first place.