Economic Issues Americans Are Most Worried About  

Samantha Dillinger

In America, the economy looms over practically everything: the markets, the media, your own personal finances. Because the economy is a constant hot topic, Ranker decided to ask its audience what the most pressing economic issues are today. The top three appear in the below video.

Maybe you'll agree with them, maybe you won't. All sorts of factors play into people's perception of the economy and the problems facing it. Your own economic status or political affiliation can influence which issues feel more important to you.

Many people blame reckless spending for lulls in the economy, but plenty of others pin the problem on unintended developments in technology, specifically in currency.

Obviously, no single factor takes all the flak for the economy's turbulence, but to some people, certain factors are much more important than others. Check out the video below to see what the Ranker audience considers the most critical issues facing the American economy.