Ed, Edd N Eddy Fan Theories That Will Make You Rethink The Show

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Ed, Edd n Eddy follows the animated, quirky adventures of three lovable, goofball anti-heroes who all happen to be named 'Ed.' As Cartoon Network's renegade portrayal of adolescent schemes, mishaps, and friendships, the show left a nostalgic mark in the hearts of many a '90s kid. It's also a completely psychedelic mindf*ck with humor that went well above the age range of its intended demographic. The weird things on Ed, Edd, n Eddy that made it endearing and attention-grabbing also made it a target for dark and twisted Cartoon Network fan theories.

Attempting to fill in the gaps that were never explained during the show, Ed, Edd, n Eddy fan theories piece together the secrets that the kids of the cul-de-sac keep in the shadows. Like what's up with all the parents being gone all the time? What's really hiding under Double D's hat? And why do all these kids have such deep-seated emotional issues? These are questions that fan theories about kids shows can only speculate and ponder the truth of, but still provide ample food for thought. Let's dive in!

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    The Eds Are Representations Of The Psychological Outcomes Of Parental Neglect

    Ed, Edd n Eddy is a fun and lighthearted show on the outside, but Ed, Edd, and Eddy are all victims of parental abuse and neglect, which has led them to having the extreme psychological issues they unveil during the show. This has led the Eds to being the token outcasts, banding together as a reflection of the outcome of abuse. Ed lives in a gross basement, Edd is overly nitpicked by sticky notes with no real communication with his family, and Eddy is tormented by his older brother - leading to their own cycle of problems expressed through their anxieties, violence, and addictions.

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    Double D's Hat Hides A Cosmetic Embarassment

    Whatever lies underneath Edd's hat is a flat-out cosmetic embarrassment. Coinciding with the Purgatory theory, what's under Edd's hat might be from the accident which led him to his death. In a stand-alone theory, his cloth hat and the obscurity of his eyebrows and full-head expose that Double D is a cancer survivor who most likely is very embarrassed by the cosmetic aftermath.

    This would also explain why, during an instance when Ed saw what was underneath Edd's hat, he looked very concerned and even asked "Does it hurt?"

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    All The Kids Living In Peach Creek Are Dead And Stuck In An Endless Purgatory

    Dying during various periods of time between the 1900s and 2000s, the Peach Creek kids are all stuck in an endless purgatory. Their mannerisms and environments not only reflect their past lives, but also the ways that they died. Rolf is the son of a shepherd who was trampled to death by farm animals, Jimmy passed away from leukemia, and Ed, Edd, and Eddy all died as a result of their own depressing and tragic accidents.

    This fan theory explains why they kids all have blue, dead tongues and why they're seemingly stuck in an endless summer vacation.

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    The Thirst For Jawbreakers Symbolizes Addiction

    Ever wonder why jawbreakers are such an insanely coveted commodity? Why the kids always have to concoct elaborate scams to get their hands on them? It's because the kids aren't actually kids - they're young adults hooked on drugs masked under the veil of a kids cartoon show.

    While the Eds are broke and scheming, in contrast, Kevin has lots of money and a garage full of jawbreakers - making him the representation of a kingpin and leaving the Eds as struggling addicts.

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    Eddy's Brother And Ed's Mom Hooked Up - And That's How Sarah Was Born

    Although Sarah and Ed are brother and sister, they look almost nothing alike. Sarah actually seems to have much more in common with Eddy than Ed, sharing the same thin lips with an overbite, the slouchy posture, and his snappy tendencies. This fan theory that suspects Eddy's older brother and Ed's mom had an affair would totally explain why Sarah looks and acts so much like Eddy.

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    Plank Isn't Just A Piece Of Wood, It's A Chaotic Entity Of Its Own

    For being a literal plank of wood, Jonny 2x4's imaginary friend is suspiciously... sentient. This is probably because Plank is a supernatural entity of its own. While not necessarily evil, Plank is a special being with an intimate attachment to the universe who also harnesses a startling amount of completely unfathomable knowledge for an inanimate object. Plank also likes to stir the pot, upsetting the everyday balance of the cul-de-sac and sparking up a bit of fun-loving chaos with his deviant humor while he does.

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