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Forget Edward Scissorhands And Batman Returns, Ed Wood Is Tim Burton's Best '90s Film

18 Feb 2020 12.6k views12 items

Ed Wood, the 1994 Tim Burton film about the much-maligned B-movie director isn’t just a biopic about a guy who never made it. It’s everything that Tim Burton loves thrown into a blender. Charming rogues, 1950s science fiction, and horror icons mix together to tell the story of a man with a dream... a dream to make incredibly cheap films starring all of his friends. It’s a love letter to the Hollywood misfits of the 1950s and it’s the best film Tim Burton made in the '90s. 

This movie may look and feel different than all of Burton’s previous work (and most of the movies that came after) but his unique take on life and his love of the macabre are so baked into the DNA of the film that it’s a must-see for Burton heads. If you haven’t seen Johnny Depp in Ed Wood, then you must seek it out. He’s vulnerable, courageous, and chipper to the final frame. Ed Wood asks the audience to side with someone who was considered a joke for years, and by getting into the world of Ed Wood, it’s easy to see yourself in Burton’s oddball biopic.

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