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This Eddie Brock And Venom Fan Art Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of The Movie

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Move over Babadook/Pennywise; there's a new creepy-cute ship in town.

Audiences are lapping up Venom's first solo film. Venom hit theaters with a record-breaking box office haul and went on to inspire a Twitter frenzy of fan art depicting Eddie Brock and the Spider-Man nemesis together. Critics derided the movie's lackluster plot and clunky dialogue, but Tom Hardy's manic performance as both journalist Eddie Brock and the overly attached alien symbiote carries the entire film.

Venom and Eddie's bond provides evidence that the nerdy journalist might be the symbiote's physical and emotional life force. Whether it's Venom's destructive influence over Eddie, or Eddie's role in keeping the symbiote on Earth, the two have a severely co-dependent relationship that has become the subject of remarkable fan art.