Weird History The Bizarre And Petty Reason Thomas Edison Murdered An Elephant  

Mick Jacobs

If you think of Thomas Edison as a squeaky clean inventor, this video will come as a shock. Like any other entrepreneur, Edison sought to create a market that supported his products and, as a result, his financial interests. To do so, he attempted to smear the products created by his competitors.  

Mainly, Edison, who believed in direct current electricity (DC electricity), wanted to ruin the reputation of alternating current electricity (AC electricity). This naturally placed him in a feud with another historical inventor, Nikola Tesla, a passionate advocate for alternating current.

To defame AC electricity's name, Edison undertook a number of unsavory schemes to turn the public against it. One such scheme lives on in infamy: electrocuting animals with AC electricity.

Edison apparently wasn't bothered by the damage or deaths caused by his campaign against AC electricity. Even still, in the end, he failed to put a stop to its popularity, though no one can say he did not try. This video gives a sense of the true cost of Edison's electrical war, so watch it if you can handle some unsavory imagery.