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Unspeakable Times
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The Giant, The Genius, And The Grotesque: The Life And Crimes Of Edmund Kemper

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When he was just a teenager, Edmund Kemper committed a double homicide that shocked both his family and police, leading medical professionals to diagnose the 15-year-old with a serious mental illness. After spending several years in a psychiatric hospital, however, Ed Kemper was released at the age of 21, only to commit the series of killings that earned him the nicknames the "Co-ed Killer" and the "Co-ed Butcher" within months of leaving the secure facility.

However, his penultimate killing, in which Kemper murdered the woman he blamed for many of his problems, was truly shocking, not only because of his relationship to the victim, but also because of the depraved acts he subjected her body to after beating her to death with a hammer. Now in prison for his crimes, the necrophiliac serial killer, one of the most intelligent serial killers the FBI has ever interviewed, appears to have no interest in returning to the outside world, and he has repeatedly taken steps to guarantee he will the spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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