Good Educational Board Games for Kids

Alright, Smarty Pants, do you have what it takes to win some of the best educational board games? Put your thinking caps on, and get ready to go head-to-head with some of your smartest friends! If you're a great speller, a math whiz, or an expert at strategizing, these educational board games are right up your alley! 

The games that are featured on this list include: Bananagrams, Scrabble, Chess, Scattergories, Cranium, Trivial Pursuit, Guinness World Records, ThinkFun Zingo, ThinkFun Roll and Play Board Game, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Memory, Monopoly, Scrambled States. and Guess Who? If there’s a game listed here that you think is the absolute best, please share your opinion and be sure to vote for your favorite one. Also, please feel free to add any we might have forgotten.
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  • Use your memory to pair up matching cards. The player with the most card pairings wins! 
  • Monopoly
  • Team up to answer fun trivia questions. 
  • Use strategic moves and lateral thinking to protect your queen at all costs. 
  • Ask questions to find out the identity of your opponent's mystery person! 
  • Charades
  • Scrabble
  • Time to get creative! Teams come up with answers to the categories listed on their cards.
  • Use tweezers to remove the patient's ailing parts. But be careful! If you touch the sides, the buzzer will go off, and you will lose your turn! 
  • You're racing the clock in this quick-thinking piece matching game. Put the pieces into their designated slots before time runs out. If you don't hurry, POW goes Perfection! 
  • Cranium is awesome because you get to explore different mediums of creativity. Sculpt artwork out of play dough, act out a scene from a movie, or sing a song to win! 
  • Legend has it that Confucius invented mahjong in ancient China. It is a tile game similar to Rummy where players use tiles with Chinese symbols on them to defeat their opponent. 
  • Simon Says

    Simon Says

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    Simon says, stand on one foot.  
    Simon says, jump up and down.  
    Simon says, stop.   
    Jump up and down!   
    Did you just jump? I didn't say "Simon says," so, you just lost the game! Simon Says is all about following directions according to exactly what Simon says.  

  • Guinness World Records

    Guinness World Records

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    Based on the best-selling Guinness Book of World Records, this game tests your knowledge with a series of trivia questions. 
  • Bananagrams


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    The anagram game that will drive you bananas! Players arrange their tiles to form crossword grids. The person to get rid of all of their tiles first, wins! 
  • Big Boggle

    Big Boggle

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    Shake up the lettered cubes and try to find as many hidden words as you can! 
  • Players in this game make up phony answers to real questions. The person with the most believable--or the correct--answer wins!
  • Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It

    Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It

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    This is trivia with a twist. In this game, it isn't what you know that matters, but rather, what you think your friends might know. Place bets on whether your friends will know the answer to a question or not. Score points by guessing correctly. 
  • Scrambled States

    Scrambled States

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    Based on Laurie Keller's hilarious book, The Scrambled States of America. This game helps players learn all about the 50 states and capitals, as well as fun-facts about their history! 
  • Loaded Questions

    Loaded Questions

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    One player rolls the dice and reads aloud a question that the rest of the players have to give their own, personal answers to. After the roller collects the responses, he or she tries to figure out who said what! 
  • This is a fun, fruity game that will help kids develop math skills.
  • ThinkFun Zingo

    ThinkFun Zingo

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    This game is a silly twist on Bingo. Pull the "Zinger" to reveal two mystery tiles and be the first person to call out the matching tiles in your hand. 
  • Great States

    Great States

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    This is a super fun timed quiz about states and capitols! Enjoy learning while playing this awesome game. 
  • Rush Hour Jr.

    Rush Hour Jr.

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    Shift blocking cars and trucks out of your way to get to the exit! This game basically replicates what it's like to be on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles at 3pm on a Friday. 
  • Thinkfun Roll and Play Board Game

    Thinkfun Roll and Play Board Game

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    Children roll the dice to find out which activity to perform, such as, "make a happy face," or "clap your hands." This game helps young children develop their fine motor skills.