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The Best Edward Norton Movies 

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Perhaps one of the greatest actors of this generation, Edward Norton has starred and co-starred in so many critically acclaimed films that its hard to even remember them all. For that reason, we're ranking the best Edward Norton movies of all time, with help from film buffs like you who are voting on the list. His earlier stuff, like Primal Fear and American History X, are among the best Edward Norton films ever made, with the first of those two winning him a Golden Globe and the latter an Academy Award nomination. Almost 20 years later, he's still a force to be reckoned with, illuminating the silver screen alongside Michael Keaton in 2014's black comedy Birdman. It might be difficult for you to choose favorites on this Edward Norton movies list, but pick your absolute favorites and help them rise to the top.   

Many of these Edward Norton movies are streaming on Netflix Instant - just search the actor's name and you'll see all the movies he's in that are currently available for you to watch. Vote for favorite Edward Norton films, regardless of whether Norton was a star, co-star, or supporting actor in the movie. 

Brett Ratner and Ridley Scott have both worked with Edward Norton over the years, as have plenty of other well-known directors. Movie fans who love Edward Norton have also been known to enjoy films starring Ed Harris and Sean Penn.

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Edward Norton, Edward Furlong, Beverly DAngelo

Released: 1998

Directed by: Tony Kaye

American History X is a 1998 American drama film directed by Tony Kaye and written by David McKenna. It stars Edward Norton and Edward Furlong, and co-stars Fairuza Balk, Stacy Keach, Elliott ...more

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Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, Helena Bonham Carter

Released: 1999

Directed by: David Fincher

Fight Club is a 1999 film based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk. The film was directed by David Fincher, and stars Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter. Norton ...more

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Edward Norton, Richard Gere, Laura Linney

Released: 1996

Directed by: Gregory Hoblit

Primal Fear is a 1996 American neo-noir thriller film, based on William Diehl's 1993 novel of the same name and directed by Gregory Hoblit. The film tells the story of Chicago defense attorney ...more

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Jessica Biel, Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti

Released: 2006

Directed by: Neil Burger

The Illusionist is a 2006 American period drama film written and directed by Neil Burger and starring Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, and Jessica Biel. It is based loosely on Steven Millhauser's ...more

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Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Pepper

Released: 2002

Directed by: Spike Lee

25th Hour is a 2002 American drama film directed by Spike Lee, based on the novel by David Benioff. Cornered by the DEA, convicted New York drug dealer Montgomery Brogan (Edward Norton) ...more

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Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Edward Norton

Released: 2014

Directed by: Alejandro González Iñárritu

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), commonly referred to as Birdman, is a 2014 American black comedy-drama film co-written, produced, and directed by Alejandro González ...more

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Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Famke Janssen

Released: 1998

Directed by: John Dahl

Rounders is a 1998 American drama film about the underground world of high-stakes poker, directed by John Dahl, and starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton. The film follows two friends who need ...more
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Naomi Watts, Edward Norton, Liev Schreiber

Released: 2006

Directed by: John Curran

The Painted Veil is a 2006 American drama film directed by John Curran. The screenplay by Ron Nyswaner is based on the 1925 novel of the same title by W. Somerset Maugham. Edward Norton, Naomi ...more

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Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, Edward Norton

Released: 2001

Directed by: Frank Oz

The Score is a 2001 thriller film directed by Frank Oz, and stars Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Angela Bassett and Marlon Brando in his final film role. It was the only time that Brando and De ...more

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Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Fiennes, Edward Norton

Released: 2002

Directed by: Brett Ratner

Red Dragon is a 2002 American psychological thriller film based on Thomas Harris' novel of the same name. It is a prequel to The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. The novel was originally ...more

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Charlize Theron, Kelly Brook, Mark Wahlberg

Released: 2003

Directed by: F. Gary Gray

The Italian Job is a 2003 film directed by F. Gary Gray, written by Wayne and Donna Powers and produced by Donald DeLine. The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Edward ...more

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The Incredible Hulk is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list The Best Edward Norton Movies
Robert Downey Jr., Liv Tyler, Edward Norton

Released: 2008

Directed by: Louis Leterrier

The Incredible Hulk is a 2008 American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character the Hulk, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Universal Pictures. It is the second ...more

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Courtney Love, Edward Norton, Woody Harrelson

Released: 1996

Directed by: Miloš Forman

The People vs. Larry Flynt is a 1996 American biographical drama film directed by Miloš Forman and starring Woody Harrelson, Courtney Love, and Edward Norton. It chronicles the rise of magazine ...more

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Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward Norton

Released: 2012

Directed by: Wes Anderson

Moonrise Kingdom is a 2012 American film directed by Wes Anderson, written by Anderson and Roman Coppola. Described as an "eccentric pubescent love story", it features newcomers Jared ...more

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Motherless Brooklyn is listed (or ranked) 15 on the list The Best Edward Norton Movies
Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Released: 2019

Directed by: Edward Norton

Motherless Brooklyn is a 2019 crime drama film directed by Edward Norton, based on the 1999 novel of the same name by Jonathan Lethem. A private investigator (Edward Norton) with Tourette ...more

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Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Jeremy Renner

Released: 2012

Directed by: Tony Gilroy

The Bourne Legacy is a 2012 American action thriller film directed by Tony Gilroy, and is the fourth installment in the series of films adapted from the novels originated by Robert Ludlum, and ...more

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Ben Stiller, Edward Norton, Jenna Elfman

Released: 2000

Directed by: Edward Norton

Keeping the Faith is a 2000 American romantic comedy film written by Stuart Blumberg, and starring Ben Stiller, Edward Norton (in his directorial debut), Jenna Elfman, Eli Wallach, and Anne ...more
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Eva Green, Liam Neeson, Edward Norton

Released: 2005

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Kingdom of Heaven is a 2005 epic historical drama directed and produced by Ridley Scott and written by William Monahan. It stars Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Jeremy Irons, David Thewlis, Brendan ...more

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Robin Williams, Edward Norton, Jon Stewart

Released: 2002

Directed by: Danny DeVito

This film is a 2002 American black comedy film directed by and starring Danny DeVito, and co-starring Robin Williams, Edward Norton, Catherine Keener and Jon Stewart. The film received mixed ...more

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Susan Sarandon, Edward Norton, Keri Russell

Released: 2009

Directed by: Tim Blake Nelson

Leaves of Grass is an American comedy-drama film written and directed by, and featuring, Tim Blake Nelson. It also stars Edward Norton, Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Sarandon, Melanie Lynskey and Keri ...more
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Colin Farrell, Edward Norton, Lake Bell

Released: 2008

Directed by: Gavin O'Connor

Pride and Glory is a 2008 drama film directed by Gavin O'Connor. It stars Edward Norton, Colin Farrell, Jon Voight, and Noah Emmerich. The film was released on October 24, 2008, in the United ...more
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Milla Jovovich, Robert De Niro, Edward Norton

Released: 2010

Directed by: John Curran

Stone is a 2010 American crime thriller film directed by John Curran and starring Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Milla Jovovich. Most of the filming was done in Washtenaw County, Michigan.
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Kat Dennings, Evan Rachel Wood, Edward Norton

Released: 2005

Directed by: David Jacobson

Down in the Valley is a 2005 film starring Edward Norton, Evan Rachel Wood, David Morse and Rory Culkin. The film made its debut in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival ...more
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Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore

Released: 1996

Directed by: Woody Allen

Everyone Says I Love You is a 1996 American musical comedy film written and directed by Woody Allen, who also stars alongside Julia Roberts, Alan Alda, Edward Norton, Drew Barrymore, Gaby ...more

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Salma Hayek, Edward Norton, Ashley Judd

Released: 2002

Directed by: Julie Taymor

Frida is a 2002 Miramax/Ventanarosa biopic which depicts the professional and private life of the surrealist Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. It stars Salma Hayek in her Academy Award-nominated ...more

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