Edward Scissorhands GIFs That Are So You At Brunch 

Jordan Bates
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You know what is great? Edward Scissorhands. What a movie! A modern-day (1990) Frankenstein story brought to the world by visionary director Tim Burton. Another thing that is great is brunch. Brunch is the time for eating that occurs on Sundays across the United States. When you put those two great things together - Edward Scissorhands and brunch - you are left with a whole new thing that is, in turn, double-great. Edward Scissorhands GIFs that are are ~so you~ at brunch.

There is no better movie to illustrate exactly what brunch feels like than Edward Scissorhands. Brunch makes you feel every emotion. So does Eddie Scissorhands.

Come on this fantastical adventure of Edward Scissorhands GIFs through a Sunday Brunch!
When Your Best Gal Asks If You Want To Go To Brunch

Giving Your Name To The Hostess Like

Waiting For a Table Like...

When The Hostess Finally Calls Your Name