People Reveal Their Eeriest Experiences No One Believes

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When something frightening happens to you, the first thing you usually want to do is tell someone. It can make you feel a little bit better and a little less alone when you share your story. But if no one believes what you say, it can make you feel confused or second-guess your sanity. On Reddit, people are sharing the eeriest events they've experienced that sound unbelievable but they insist are true.

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    They Saw A Man And Woman At The Foot Of Their Bed

    From Reddit u/bcdevv:

    I grew up in a haunted house. My parents still live there to this day. Most traumatic experiences of my life. The one memory that tops the list is one I hate telling and rarely do. I would always wake up in the middle of the night and see sh*t. From as young as I can remember until I moved out at 18.

    One night - I was about six, maybe- I woke up to see a man and woman, both dressed all in white, palest skin I'd ever seen, both standing at the foot of my bed looking out the window. The woman looked average height while the man reached the ceiling. I tried to convince myself it wasn't real, that I was dreaming, until the man turned and looked at me. His eyes were red. I turned sideways and covered my head, trying again to convince myself I was dreaming.

    After a few minutes, I looked over the covers, and the man was now standing at the side of my bed looking down at me. I remember nothing after. I talked to a specialist when I was older, thinking maybe I suffered from sleep paralysis due to these experiences but that was not the case. In every experience, I could move, and even ran out of my bedroom multiple times.

    Great times.

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    There Were Two Men Talking On The Other Side Of The Door

    From Reddit u/RealAbstractSquidII:

    I live in an extremely old house. It creaks, it groans, the house isn't completely level so sometimes unlatched doors swing open "on their own " but really because physics. If you sat in my house on a windy day you'd swear to God it was haunted because the window frames aren't great and the wind screams through the gaps and rattles the glass as though it were angered...

    I've lived here for a couple of years now. I know every noise this house makes like the back of my hand. I hardly notice it these days. Which is why I found it odd that when I was brushing my teeth one night a few months ago, I clearly heard two men's voices on the other side of my bathroom door. Now, it's just me, the dogs, and my boyfriend here. My boyfriend was across the hall laying in bed, and the dogs were with him. The voices I heard were clear as day, two older gentlemen.

    "Should we tell 'em?"

    "No... (indistinct mumbling)..."

    "They in there?"

    And the second voice did not reply. I obviously yanked the bathroom door open and looked to see who was in my hallway. But there was no one there. I listened for a few minutes, thinking maybe I heard the TV or something. I don't hear anything. I call out and ask if my boyfriend said anything, he hollers back no from where he's at in the bedroom...

    I go back to my nighttime routine, shut off the bathroom light, and now the hallway is dark. I'm gonna go to the bedroom. I bring my hand down from turning the light switch off, and my hand brushes up against a cold, rough-feeling hand. Like someone with a lot of calluses on their hand... I felt the thumb and palm distinctly. Like someone had reached out to grab my hand but my movement kinda pulled out of the grasp before they could actually grab my hand, if that makes sense.

    The hand came from behind me, from in the bathroom. I obviously know there's no one in the bathroom - I just left the bathroom. And then I heard someone mumble, from behind me. Not words exactly, just kind of a voice, like someone grumbling under their breath. I jumped, turned the bathroom light back on, saw no one, left the light on, and hauled [butt to the bedroom to tell my boyfriend what just happened because I was extremely freaked out. We checked out the entire house for an intruder. Found no sign of any. Everything was locked up as usual. Its never happened again. I have no idea what it was.

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    Tall Shadowy Shape Was Leaning Against The Car

    From Reddit u/PraderaNoire:

     I was 20 at the time, and was helping my girlfriend move from Alabama to Los Angeles. Because she had all her belongings and her car, we decided to drive. At that time, she had a suspended license so I was the one who was forced to drive the whole way. Because I didn’t want to get any speeding tickets, I brought my radar detector from home to take with us on the drive.

    Now it was the second day of our trip, and we had recently crossed into New Mexico. At the time, it was already well past sunset, so most of my drive that day was spent on the I-10 at night... I remember stopping that night really late at around 11 or 12 at a rest stop in Gage, NM. The only thing there was a small area with many identical concrete structures covering picnic tables... As we were pulling in, the radar detector started going haywire, showing codes for multiple different bands including X, KA, and Laser, all at once.

    I turned the radar detector off - not really thinking much of it at the time - and pulled into a picnic area near the back. From what I remember, I was going to eat a snack or something to tide me over, and as I was grabbing the food from the middle row, I heard a low rumble/squeak, as if someone was rubbing their palm along the side of the car. As I was grabbing some items from a bag in my lap, my girlfriend at the time grabbed my arm with the most intense grip and fear and just started saying, “We gotta go, we gotta go,” with increasing panic.

    I’ll never forget what I saw to be honest. In her side mirror, there was a large, rough silhouette leaning against the car just past the back door. Even from a glance, I could tell that the figure had to be much taller than the SUV, as it looked a bit hunched over. Seeing this, I immediately started to panic, as I was not sure if this was a person, animal, or whatever. As I was fumbling for the keys in the cupholder, I glanced in my side mirror and saw the same exact figure, motionless against the side of the car. A few seconds later, I started the car and punched it out of there. Where our car was parked, there was nothing visible from the light coming from the picnic awning.

    I’m not a huge believer in paranormal stuff, but this was an experience that I would 100% call my only real paranormal encounter...

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    Knocking Heard On A Second-Story Window

    From Reddit u/Ratiness:

    It was the first anniversary of my aunt's death. She lived in the same house as me, but different apartment. I go to take a bath. The bathtub is positioned in a way that, when you are inside, you are facing the window. Suddenly, I hear a knock. I look at the window, and I see a hand formed into a fist quickly pulling down (like, someone knocked and quickly disappeared).

    The thing is, my apartment was on the second floor. And there is no way that someone could reach the window from outside at all. Now looking back at it, I just tell myself it was just my imagination. But then... I know what I saw. And no one believed me, of course.

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    The Pictures Levitated Off Of The Wall

    From Reddit u/dreamingdruidess:

    I have many stories because I do cleansings for people and dabble in pagan practices. They all can be pretty wild, but the one most people have the hardest time understanding was witnessed by myself, my mother, and my sister. This occurred when I was eight, so 1998, small town in Alabama. My family had bought this house on the lake. A real haunted sh*tfest, but hindsight, yah know? Literally the second day of moving in, we experienced something. Also, this took place well before any dive into the occult. My family was nondenominational Christian.

    The house was six bedrooms, four baths, top and basement layout. We all had our rooms on the top floor. My room and my parents' room were the furthest down the hall. My sister was near the beginning, right across from the bathroom. So the hall wasn't super long, but my sister decided to put like 14 to 15 family portraits up on the walls. They varied in size and weight.

    Now, our mom was in the living room, which is what the hall opened to. So, not far and certainly in sight of one another. Dad was gone, probably work or something. I was in my room putting up posters. Nothing out of the ordinary, and it was midday.

    When my sister finished putting the pictures up, she came to get me to show me. She was proud of her work. We were right outside of my room talking when we suddenly felt super uneasy. The atmosphere had changed. I didn't understand it at the time, but it was just heavy and difficult to think straight and breathe. Needless to say, our conversation halted. Even my mom felt it and stopped unpacking things. She turned to look at us.

    All of a sudden, we felt and heard this worship of wind go from my parents' room right in front of us, down the hall. All of those f*cking pictures levitated off the wall and floated midair, resting in a horizontal position, parallel to the ground. We screamed and ran to our mom. We were hysterical as you can imagine.

    Mom said she was scared, but she had to be momma bear and protect her babies. She said firmly, "Stop! You are scaring my children!" She also told it to leave because it was not welcome here.

    Now this part I didn't see because my face was buried into my mom's side as I was crying. She said the pictures all floated down and came to rest in their original spot. The ceiling seemed to just raise and become far away suddenly. My sister saw this, too. I have no idea how else to explain it. They only ever described it this way. But the house became normal and still again like nothing had ever happened.

    My dad never believed it, despite all three of us experiencing that. Honestly, that was the most tame thing we experienced in the house. Seven years of hell we endured there.

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    Keys Somehow Were Zipped Up In Coat Pocket

    From Reddit u/throwmeaway212223:

    I always put my keys in the exact same spot after I get home from work; no matter what, they always go in the dish in my living room. One day last August, I had been home from work for a few hours and was cooking dinner when the thought of “where are your keys” got stuck in my head. I looked around the corner, sure as sh*t I was going to see my keys in the dish, but there were no keys. I looked around the surrounding area and expanded my search to my purse, jacket, bedroom, only to turn up empty.

    I drove home from work and let myself in with my keys, I was home alone and my roommates had been out of town for a few days at that point, so I knew I had them and I knew no one would have moved them. I flipped my house upside down, searching for about four hours before I half-heartedly shook my heaviest winter coat hanging in the back of my closet... I found them zipped up in the inside pocket of a coat I hadn’t worn since mid-February at the latest.

    Everyone always brushes off the story as I must have moved them and forgot about it, but that makes no sense to me. I have absolutely no clue how they got there, and I really only have four possible explanations: paranormal activity, glitch in the Matrix, I blacked out and moved them for whatever reason, or there was someone in my house and that was the only thing they did.

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