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This Artist Created Eeveelutions For All The Types That Don't Exist

August 10, 2020 19.7k votes 2.3k voters 76.4k views11 items

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Out of the 18 Pokémon types, there are only 8 Eeveelutions in the official Pokémon franchise. And while we love the current Eeveelutions like Umbreon and Sylveon, we can't help but wonder what the other 10 missing types would look like. Thankfully, artist ort.homeless on Instagram helps fill in those gaps. 

Whether it's a Fighting-type or a Ghost-type, this talented artist creates all the missing types for the Eeveelutions. These fan-made Eeveelutions are guaranteed to impress you with their creative designs. Vote up your favorite ones!

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