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All The Crazy Things That Could Happen When Earth's Magnetic Poles Reverse

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The circle of life and the circle around our home planet go hand in hand in many ways. That circle is known as a magnetic force field, or a magnetosphere. Without it, there could not be life on Earth. This protective, magnetic layer that extends out into the atmosphere, deflects harmful particles and rays, and is the singular distinction between Earth and other planets like Mars (which was long considered a dead planet, though maybe not for much longer). Earth's magnetic field is approximated 3.5 billion years old, but just because it’s existed for so long doesn’t mean that it’s always been stable.

Throughout history, flipping magnetic poles have caused unfathomable turmoil to the world. Negative effects of magnetic shifting can range from unlivable weather to blackouts and even extinction. Unlike other predictions, these events are not merely hypothetical scenarios. They’ve already happened in the past and might be doomed to repeat. Scholars of the Ice Age and the Mesozoic Era have learned through fossils the startling consequences of the weakening of our planet’s magnetic force field and how this erosion can give way to detrimental shifting. The rest of us are playing catch up.

So, what are the Earth’s magnetic poles and what happens if our magnetic poles flip? The answer will surely shock and astonish you.

  • Earth’s Magnetic Poles Are Flipping Faster Than Usual

    Magnetic pole shifts are not exactly new to history. Scientists have been well aware of them and their correlation to devastating and positive natural events for some time. However, until recently, this impending change has been thought of as a bridge to be crossed millenniums from now. Little did we know they’re already in hyper motion. They’re flipping at an accelerated rate which is 5 times faster than in the past 10 million years. Another recent study determined that its possible for the magnetic poles to shift much more quickly - even within the short length a human lifespan


  • These Poles Are A Compass For Everything That Breathes

    A "pole" isn’t just some mystical place where fictional characters build toys for children. In reality, the North and South poles are extremely important. These poles serve as a compass for humans and animals alike. They direct the skies through the process of migration. Our cellular service depends upon them, as does our internal atlas and animal migration. If they suddenly shift, so will our balance and the end result is misdirection and confusion.

  • If The Poles Flip, The World Literally Turns Upside-Down

    Just so we’re clear on the impending danger, a shift in the magnetic poles isn’t something subtle that would likely go unnoticed - though most magnetic pole reversals happened over thousands of year. When scientists say off-balance, they're talking a full circle, 180-degree change where everything familiar is turned upside down and not in a cool, fictional, Stranger Things sort of way, either. How do we know this, you might be wondering. Simple. It’s happened before.

  • Geomagnetic Pole Reversal Either Contributed To Or Caused The Ice Age

    Exactly what causes Ice Ages is yet to be conclusively determined. Throughout history, there have been at least five major Ice Age events that led to mass planetary extinction. What is certain is that approximately 40,000 years ago, during the most recently known and arguably the most well-documented and well-researched Ice Age, South was North and North was South. This conclusion was evidenced through the study of the magnetization of ancient Black Sea sediments.