'Spider-Man' Fans Deliver Their Hot Takes On Sony's 'El Muerto' Movie Announcement

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Sony has officially announced the latest installment in their Spider-Man Universe. Just as Spidey fans suspected, it's… El Muerto? Starring… Bad Bunny? Huh? Okay, so fans are a bit perplexed, to say the least. From pointing out the fact that El Muerto has only appeared in two comics to wondering why a more reputable Spider-Man incarnation didn't get greenlit, the chatter online has been a tangled web of confusion, outrage, and savage take-downs. Take a look at what folks are saying and make sure to vote up the hot takes you think are spot on.

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    Bad Faith Argument

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    Bus-tling With Envy

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    Required Reading

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    World Premiere

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  • The Boardroom
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    The Boardroom

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    Suicide Squad?

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