25 Funny Posts That Perfectly Capture The Exhilarating Frustration Of Playing 'Elden Ring'

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If you've spent any time playing Elden Ring then you've no doubt felt frustration and joy in equal measures. For every heartbreaking defeat there are moments of exhilarating triumph. It's this push and pull that has players taking game breaks to post on r/eldenring where they can vent and share with other Tarnished.


  • 1. That's A Complaint?

    That's A Complaint?
    Photo: u/isaacpisaac / Reddit
    27 votes
  • 2. Mordor Vibes

    Mordor Vibes
    Photo: u/Master-Spare-4782 / Reddit
    24 votes
  • 3. You Never Know

    You Never Know
    Photo: u/WalmartSnack / Reddit
    23 votes
  • 4. Always Forget About Them

    Always Forget About Them
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
    23 votes
  • 5. Let Rogier Live

    Let Rogier Live
    Photo: u/fragiel / Reddit
    20 votes
  • 6. Ah Yes

    Ah Yes
    Photo: u/ghos7ayama / Reddit
    20 votes