The 13 Scariest Nightmare Fueled Monsters In 'Elden Ring'



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Attention all tarnished! We are ranking the scariest monsters in Elden Ring! One of the best new games of 2022, the world of Elden Ring is not filled with some of the hardest bosses in the Soulsborne series, but are filled to the brim with horrific nightmare fueled creatures that is sure to send shivers down your spine. Straight from the mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki, the scariest Elden Ring monsters are going to be the ones that spooked us with their initial design and overall appearance and no matter what great starting class you pick in Elden Ring, these monstrous enemies made us dread fighting them every single time. 

Some scary Elden Ring enemies such as Fingercreepers and Deathbirds are the first ones that comes into people's mind as their designs are not only utterly horrific, but they pop out and surprise players when they least expect it, making them some of the scariest monsters in video game history. Meanwhile creepy Elden Ring monsters like the Monstrous Dogs and Giant Crows are super aggressive and they force us to fight their hideous and spine chilling warped anatomy up close and personal, sometimes giving trouble to some of the best NPC's in Elden Ring. Then there are creatures like the Basilisks who not only appear in every soulsborne game, but they immediately send an eerie flashback to veteran soulsborne players. Which Elden Ring monster do you think is the creepiest?

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  • Revenants
    Photo: Elden Ring / fromsoftware
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    Revenants bring together a loathsome marriage of limbs to create one of the most repulsive and blood-curdling creatures Elden Ring has to offer! Its spider-like appearance and jagged movements mirrored with its abstract and surreal human face are repulsive enough as they are, but when the creature rises from what can only be imaged to be the depths of hell to unveil even more limbs and a disgusting gaping torso, a new fear has undoubtedly been latched onto the minds and souls of Tarnished around the globe.

    77 votes
  • Fingercreepers
    Photo: Elden Ring / fromsoftware
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    Nearly every aspect of the Fingercreepers' being is enough to make the most formidable tarnished crawl into a ball and beg to whatever gods they believe in to save them from these unholy atrocities. With their creepy-crawly spider-like movement and appearance, their obscene strength and size, and their knack for hiding in plain sight just to pounce on Tarnished who finally think they have escaped the battlefield, these creatures are as annoying as they are spine-tingling.

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  • Giant Crows
    Photo: Elden Ring / fromsoftware
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    Giant Crows

    With puss, warts, and all forms of revolting infections protruding out of every inch of their bodies, the Giant Crows are a hypochondriac's worst nightmare. With their deteriorating bodies covered and dripping with blood from their insides and the skin on their faces being ripped apart, these creatures are as close to death as they possibly can be, which might be why when they see Tarnished, they let all hell reign loose and launch their bodies at them with no regard for what might happen to them. Overwhelming in size, sickening in nature, and a petrifying foe, the Giant Crows are a being the likes of hell have never even seen.

    50 votes
  • Wormfaces
    Photo: Elden Ring / fromsoftware
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    Their name is Wormfaces, enough said. These looming beasts are seemingly scattered all throughout Azula and Altus Plateau, and while they may not necessarily be the most difficult enemies, they are without a doubt one of the most horrifying to stare at. With a seemingly entire army of large, grotesque and wiggly worms attached to its face, Wormface is simply a bulging and grotesque creature that, when unhooded, shows an unholy abomination.

    50 votes
  • Deathbirds
    Photo: Elden Ring / fromsoftware
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    If H.P. Lovecraft and a literal nightmare had a baby, it would be hard-pressed to come out as a creation more revolting and terrifying than the Deathbirds. Found only at the darkest of nights, these elongated and deformed creatures with incredibly unnerving broken skulls fly into reap havoc on all who dare to brace it with their presence. From a distance, their faces have the appearance of a horrifying newborn baby skull, and the fact that it towers over Tarnished makes them one of the most terrifying creatures in all of Elden Ring.

    54 votes
  • Monstrous Dogs
    Photo: Elden Ring / fromsoftware
    68 VOTES

    Monstrous Dogs

    Taking one of the most beloved creatures on planet earth and making them an aggressive, malformed, massive freak of nature is no small task, but it is a task that FromSoftware executed brilliantly. With their large oversized heads and tiny T-Rex arms, Tarnished would be forgiven if they were to simply stare at this abomination in amazement, but with one good look at players, the Monstrous Dog becomes an unreasonably quick and ferocious beast that will have no problem massacring any who get in their way.

    68 votes