The Most Brutally Difficult Video Game In Years Is Here And Gamers Are Melting Down On Twitter

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FromSoftware is known for making very difficult games. Past titles include, Demon's Souls, the Dark Souls series, and Bloodborne. And now they've released their most ambitious game yet, Elden Ring. Some players are loving the challenge,  beautiful environment, and harsh combat. While others wish there was an easy mode. To them we say, not every game is going to hold your hand. Experiment and have fun! Here are some of the hottest Elden Ring takes, Be sure to give these folks a follow and vote up your favorites.

  • 1. Dark Times


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  • 2. It's Not For Everyone And That's Okay


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  • 3. Boom


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  • 4. Road To Nowhere


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  • 5. Fall Damage


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  • 6. Sneaky Sneaky


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