List Of Electric Scooter Accidents And Deaths

One of the recent trends sweeping the nation is that of the electric scooter, AKA the e-scooter. These vehicles, compact and two-wheeled, are placed around busy areas of many major cities, including San Francisco and Washington, DC. Their purpose is to provide quick, last-minute transportation for those using public transit. Ideally, riders rent a scooter for $1 (plus 10-15 cents per minute) and zip through their last few blocks of travel in between their transit stop and final destination. However, are electric scooters safe? As with any new technology, a great deal of public debate has emerged surrounding the trend. 

While this business model initially sounds convenient and cost-effective, electric scooter accidents have some seeing e-scooters as worrisome new tech. Reports of Bird scooter injuries have made consumers wary of potentiallly unreliable brakes and erratic operational interfaces. Public outcry against these vehicles has become so great that many suspect e-scooters will be banned if proper safety precautions and regulations are not put in place.

This list details several noteworthy and tragic accidents resulting from electric scooters only, which excludes transporters such as Segway. While most cases are centered in Southern California, because Santa Monica serves as the unofficial birthplace of the trend, these scooters and their resulting hazards are present across the country and world.