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The Greatest EDM Artists Of All Time

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If you find yourself asking "what is EDM music?" you may have been living under a rock, but don't worry — this list of the top EDM DJs and producers will tell you everything you need to know.

Over the past 20 years, electronic dance music or EDM, has become one of the most popular music genres in the world. In fact, in many circles, electronic dance music artists are considered the new incarnation of rock stars. Including the best young EDM artists, electronic music duos, and EDM trios, these artists have struck a chord with their most ardent supporters and are currently producing some of the best EDM songs of 2018. The biggest and best EDM artists have the rare ability to command big dollars at their club and festival appearances, and are often listed near the top of richest musicians. Their songs are considered some of the best music in EDM ​​​​out today.

So who is the best EDM artist? There are many types of EDM, so it is difficult to name the best electronic artists without delving deeper into the subgenres. The question of who is the best is one that fans of the many subgenres of dance music have been trying to answer for some time. Some would call comparing the best house artist to other electronic dance music artists extremely difficult. Yet the beauty of determining who should be at the top of this list is that it includes all musicians who fall under the umbrella of dance music, electronic (or electro) and club music. The legends who populate this list, from Daft Punk and Tiesto, to superstars like Avicii and Skrillex to the next generation dance music artists like Martin Garrix are all on this list. If you love EDM musical artists and can't wait to get to see your favorite DJ perform, then you're definitely going to want to vote on this list. Some of the best EDM is represented on this list.

Who are the best electronic dance music artists of all time? Who are the greatest EDM artists ever?

These are the questions this list seeks to answer, and it's up to you to decide. The list should include most of the popular, good electronic artists, from the most famous DJs, to the best electronic music singers. so if there are any missing, please feel free to add them   

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