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Teachers Reveal Their Most Disturbing Day At School 

Alex Furlin
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As all teachers know, dealing with students of any age is a complete gamble with your sanity. Elementary school kids are prone to immature outbursts and are harder to control, but middle and high school students are smart enough to actually plan out devastating pranks on each other. Plus, students can be gross at any age. While most classes have no problems, it's only a matter of time before a teacher stumbles upon The One Kid They'll Never Forget. The kid who does something so unpredictable, so disturbing, so enraging, that they'll take the experience with them for the rest of their lives. When teachers (and sometimes other students) discuss these details, shocking stories emerge.

High School Student Dies By Suicide

From Redditor /u/xyntrx:

A kid at my high school [killed himself] on the front steps of the school... The janitor had to clean up what was left before school started after they removed the body.

He was noticeably disturbed for the rest of the year and you could still see the burn mark on the steps.

Student Kicks Teacher's Pregnant Stomach

From Redditor /u/frozen_baozi:

My chemistry teacher was pregnant in her third trimester (I think, well she was pretty big and looked like she was going to pop). One day, that teacher and this b*tch of a student got into an argument because the student was caught being on her phone, but she kept on insisting that she didn't have her phone out. Everyone knew she was lying since we all saw it... The student started cussing and was slamming everything around so the teacher called the hall monitors to come escort the b*tch student out.

Before the hall monitors could come though, the b*tch student got up and kicked the teacher in the stomach. Everyone in the room just let a giant gasp and we were all stunned. I was in the front and was frozen in my seat for a couple seconds. The b*tch student then walked out like she owned the world and some students, including me, all ran to the teacher and tried to help her, but the hall monitor came and soon we were told to back away. We all got to go home early that day. The teacher had to be put on bed rest and the baby was fine when he was born. I don't think charges were ever made, but the student was kicked out of the school. Even the full-time [jerks] in that class agreed that she went too far.

Heartless Students Mock Their Teacher For Having A Miscarriage

From Redditor /u/FelixEditz:

The absolute [worst] thing I've heard was this story my teacher told me about a group of kids that bullied their teacher.

So this is what happened: This teacher had a miscarriage/stillborn after being pregnant. Then, when she came back from that experience she found a baby with a noose around its neck on the desk. She left and never came back.

Student Poisons Her Unsuspecting Teacher

From Redditor /u/ihopeyoulikeapples:

I was in middle school, a girl in my class slipped rat poison into the teacher['s] coffee when she was out of the room. The teacher was rushed to the hospital pretty quickly and lived but never came back to the school.

The girl was expelled after a few people in the class admitted to seeing her put the poison in (the ones that came forward were suspended for a long time for not telling anyone until after). I have no idea what happened to the girl who did it, she was only 12 so there probably wasn't much punishment. She was the quiet nerdy kid too, the last person you'd ever suspect to do something like that.