Weird Nature Must Watch: Wild Elephant Goes On A Rampage Leaving Path Of Destruction In Its Wake  

Mick Jacobs

How easily people forget that these animals also clock in at over 10,000 pounds and possess the capacity to do a huge amount of damage. But when an elephant goes rampaging, you better start running.

In certain parts of the world, elephants attack human communities and areas more frequently than you may think. More often that not, humans have something to do with these attacks.

When humans kill older males for their ivory, it leaves younger males behind without any role models to guide their behavior. This leads many males to go into musth, where an elephant's hormones go into overdrive and cause the animal to act in a highly aggressive manner.

This footage shows a young elephant in a Chinese province knocking its way down a road of cars. If you ever doubted an elephant's destructive capabilities, watch this thing literally push cars down the road like toys.

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