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15 Surprising Facts About Elevator Music That Will Change Your Perception

Updated 13 Oct 2018 3.4k views15 items

Elevator music, commonly referred to as muzak, is not only reserved for your ride to the 18th floor, but can also be heard while you're waiting for your dentist, shopping for organic cantaloupes, or on hold with your bank after splurging on those $10 melons. While the phrase "elevator music facts" may draw as much excitement as a flute-and-string version of a Lady Gaga song, the piped music industry may not actually be as boring as you think. But what is muzak, exactly, who started it, and where did muzak come from? And, more importantly, what does it have to do with Ted Nugent?

Muzak is actually a brand name which has become synonymous with the product itself, like Kleenex or Chapstick. When spelled with a capital M, the word refers to the company; the lower case referring to the genre. Muzak went bankrupt in 2008 and is now a part of Mood Media, but the genre it produced has a long (and surprising) history. In fact, many things we embrace today that seemingly have nothing to do with elevator music owe it some gratitude. Love it or hate it, muzak has definitely made a mark on our society, quite possibly in more ways than you think.

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