Unspeakable Crimes The Gruesome Story Of Elizabeth Báthory, History's Most Deranged Female Serial Killer  

Rebecca High

Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian countess born in the 16th century, is widely considered the most murderous woman in the world. This video shares a slice of her bloody story.

Married at 15 to a man who liked to torture his servants in horrific ways, Elizabeth was conditioned by a youth filled with violence and gruesome acts, such as the time she witnessed a public event in which a live horse was slit open so a person could be stuffed inside, then stitched it all back together until both horse and victim were dead.

Thus began Elizabeth's own murder spree, which spanned a sadistic career of abuse and torture, aimed especially at the young women in her service and others whom she encountered.

Watch this video to learn more about this epitome of evil upon whom even Bram Stoker even claimed to have modeled his Count Dracula.