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How A Woman Could Date One Of The Most Infamous Serial Killers Of Our Time Even While Suspecting Him

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It's weird to think of serial killers with girlfriends, but part of what makes them so mysterious is that they present a public persona of normalcy. Ted Bundy's girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer knew him before he became a killer and thought he was normal at first. He came off as charming...but he also threatened her the first day they met. 

After he began killing, she had no idea what he was up to at first, or at least that's what she told herself. But as he began to sink into his mania, she began to catch on. Kloepfer found evidence, including tools that looked like they were fashioned into weapons, and even the plaster material he used to create casts to get sympathy from his victims and then lure women to their deaths. Maybe she just couldn't believe that Bundy was capable of what in the back of her mind she knew to be true, but Kloepfer stayed with the serial killer for years before he was finally caught. The story she tells about what it's like to date a serial killer is truly creepy.

  • She Became Suspicious Of His Weird Habits

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    Ted Bundy became one of the most notorious serial killers in history while living with his girlfriend. Bundy allegedly killed 100 women in different states but he only admitted to 36 murders. Strangely, he was living with Liz much of the time while he was committing the crimes. She became suspicious when he didn't come home at night and when she began finding things like a wrench, meat cleaver, and knife hidden in her car and their home. 

  • She Caught Him Red-Handed, But Didn't Realize It At First

    It's not necessarily shocking that Elizabeth Kleopfer wouldn't realize her boyfriend Ted Bundy was a serial killer, at least, not at first. Serial killers are, after all, relatively rare. Although his behavior was odd, it was perhaps not necessarily evidence that he was a bloodthirsty sociopath. However, Kleopfer did find odd things that he couldn't explain, like a new television and other electronic equipment.

    According to The Lineup, she found "a lug wrench under his car seat, an oriental knife in a wooden case, a meat cleaver, plaster of Paris, and a pair of crutches." His behavior was absolutely suspicious, and he was clearly up to something, Kleopfer just couldn't piece together what that was. 

  • His Girlfriend Realized He Was Always Missing From Home At The Same Time Murders Occured

    One of the clues that tipped off Elizabeth Kloepfer to her boyfriend being a criminal was that Ted Bundy didn't come home the nights of some of his murders in Washington. According to a statement she made to police, Ted would go away at night and not come back. Afterwards he would sleep all day long.

    Kloepfer made the connection that Bundy might be a wanted murderer when she saw a police sketch of him. When she thought back to when he didn't come home at night and realized that they were the same nights women in Washington went missing, she realized she had to speak out.

  • Bundy Told His Girlfriend Creepy Things, But Never Actually Assaulted Her

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    Obviously, Ted Bundy was capable of saying some truly creepy stuff. Aside from threatening to assault Elizabeth Kloepfer, he also told her something chilling about their time together. But despite his threats Bundy never actually hurt his girlfriend while they were dating.

    According to Kloepfer's memoir, The Phantom Prince: M Life With Ted Bundy, he even told her that he avoided being with her when, "when he felt the power of his sickness building in him."