Unspeakable Crimes The Son Of A Prominent Filmmaker Murdered 6 People To Combat "The Oppressive Feminist System"  

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Over Memorial Day Weekend 2014, Elliot Rodger committed the Isla Vista murders, as they're now called — a murder spree in Santa Barbara, California that claimed the lives of six people. After stabbing his roommates and driving through the small, wealthy, town firing indiscriminately at women, Elliot Rodger turned the gun on himself.

Like most killers, prior to his rampage Elliot Rodger exhibited multiple signs of psychopathy and narcissism. He absolutely hated women, posting about his disdain for the opposite sex on YouTube and various "manosphere" websites. What is the manosphere? It’s a nebulous collection of forums and websites where pick-up artists and alpha males get together to discuss lifehacks for becoming the ultimate gentlemen (in between misogynist tirades).

Rodger was the son of Peter Rodger, a noted Hollywood figure who was the assistant director for the second unit on The Hunger Games, and has a prolific career directing luxury car commercials. His mother, Li Chin Rodger, reportedly dated George Lucas and has had a career in research for film companies. The younger Rodger was born in London but moved to Los Angeles as a child, where he grew up — certainly his was not an underprivileged life. Yet he was morbidly dissatisfied what he thought was an unfair lot, and he took it out on innocent lives.

The people killed by Elliot Rodger didn’t know that they were playing a part in his imaginary crusade against women. They were just trying to enjoy a night out in a college/beach town. But these Elliot Rodger murder spree facts shine a light on a subculture that’s managed to grow as its ideas germinate online, ultimately manifesting in men who hate women and misogynistic killers.

Elliot Rodger Killed Six People Before Turning A Gun On Himself

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On May 23, 2014, in Santa Barbara, California, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger murdered six people and injured 13 others before committing suicide. His killing spree began around 9:30 pm when he stabbed his two roommates and one of their friends in the apartment they shared. After that, he planned to shoot up the Alpha Phi sorority house. 

He brought three semiautomatic handguns and more ammunition than he could possible use on the trip, but when no one would let him into the house he decided to start firing at people on the street instead. Two of the women he shot on the street were fatally wounded before he drove to a deli and unloaded on the people inside. He then began driving around and firing haphazardly out of his car. 

Before the rampage was over, Rodger had collided with a man riding his bike, and smashed into a series of parked cars. By the time police were able to wrestle the young man from the car he'd already ended his life with a bullet to the head. But aside from not being allowed into the sorority, most of the night tragically went exactly as Rodger had planned. 

He Emailed His Parents A 107,000-Word Manifesto

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On the day that Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree, he emailed his manifesto to his parents, his therapist, and a few close acquaintances. "My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodger" is a 137-page autobiography that lays out all of Rodger's gripes with the world, wealth, and women. Every page provides an insight into how entitled and confused Rodger was. 

The one dead horse that the manifesto continues to beat is Rodger's lack of a sex life, an albatross from which he can't seem free from his neck thanks to "the cruelness of women." He complains about the indignity of being "forced to go" to Morocco on summer break when all he wants to do is play World of Warcraft. Throughout the manifesto, Rodger remains blind to the fact that he's been given a leg up over his peers in the lower and middle classes, and even though he's a product of wealth all he can think about is how women don't want to sleep with him because he's not rich enough. 

He Blamed His Mom For Not Marrying George Lucas

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In the manifesto he emailed his parents, Rodger put the blame for his loss of hypothetical wealth on his "damnable mother" for not marrying George Lucas when she had the chance (the two apparently dated). He believed if she had "married into wealth instead of being selfish," he wouldn't have to live out his life as the son of a simple commercial director. 

Elliot Rodger Had A Series Of YouTube Videos That Laid Out His Plan

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The saddest thing about the Isla Vista killings is that they could have been so easily prevented. While he didn't have much of a social life, Elliot Rodger was leading a rich online life where he detailed every one of his private thoughts on YouTube, usually from the front seat of his BMW. In his final video, Elliot Rodger's Retribution, Rodger breaks down why he's about to go on a killing spree. 

He monologues about how "life isn't fair," and how "no girl" would ever kiss him. In the video, he talks about how much he hates everyone who's in a relationship, and actually stalks one couple for a little while and imagines how "heavenly" their intimate life is.