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Inside The Scandal That Tore Elon Musk's Family Apart

Updated 25 Oct 2018 504.8k views10 items

All the money in the world can't prevent the age-old problems of family drama and rocky parent-child relationships. Take the scandal involving Errol Musk, the father of renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk. While money was never an issue for the head of Tesla or his dad, their relationship - insofar as there is one at all - is a complicated one.

In 2018 the two engaged in a war of words underscoring the depth and pain of the rift between them. The reason for the division? Many issues come into play, but the biggest in the Errol Musk scandal is the fact the elder Musk, at age 72, had a baby with his 30-year-old former stepdaughter.

When this stunning story broke in March 2018, the long-buried secrets and bitter recriminations between Errol and Elon became front-page news. Suddenly, the ghosts of the past and the sins of Elon's father re-emerged in a public way. The Musk family had to deal with their issues before a worldwide audience.

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