People Are Sharing What They Really Think About Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is the epitome of a controversial figure. He's the richest man in the world, having hundreds of billions of dollars to his name. He's been the face of many intellectually driven companies like Tesla and SpaceX. And he's made very controversial statements. But what do people really think about him?

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    He's Just Doing What He Wants

    From Facebook commenter Sherree Corlett:

    His fortunes so he can spend it as he sees fit, he doesn’t owe us or anyone anything. I wish him luck!


    From Facebook commenter Jaci N Alan Graves:

    I think he works hard to make his visions come to fruition. He is intelligent and not daunted by obstacles. He definitely could be a force for good.


    From Facebook commenter Judy Stec:

    Good for him, everything he does turns into a success!


    From Facebook commenter Patricia Paula Chao:

    He seems different. He runs through his own path. That is greatness.

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    He's Disconnected From The Rest Of The World's Reality

    From Facebook commenter Melanie Adams:

    If I had as much money as he does, I think I’d use it for the whole world - climate change, aid to poorer countries for health care, and for aiding Ukraine - not rockets and buying Twitter. He could do so much with all that money. I think he doesn’t have a clue how the rest of us live. Sending people up into space while thousands die of starvation just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. He could do more.


    From Facebook commenter William Nailen:

    Mostly indifferent. What does he actually do? We live in mostly different worlds. I'm always a bit confused by popular fads, especially those centering around this obsession with the aristocracy and social games which promote foolish notions. He's not actively making my life harder and we are unlikely to engage directly, so why should I care?


    From Facebook commenter Becky Young:

    I really don't think about him, period. He's in a completely different world/tax bracket than most of the people in the world. He's one of those people who even if you had access to speak to, you [would] have absolutely nothing to talk to him about. He's not relatable to us regular folk. He's successful at what he does, but I imagine he is constantly surrounded by people yet is still completely alone.

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    He's Ahead Of His Time

    From Facebook commenter Keianna Marie Greene:

    I like that he thinks out of the box, he definitely appears ahead of his time. I think it would be neat to have a conversation with him.


    From Facebook commenter Sarah Helen:

    Brilliant, humble, generous, visionary. What he has made possible in the space race with his own money is incomparable. I would love to meet him and applaud him in all his endeavors.

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    He's An Intriguing Person

    From Facebook commenter Sandy van Curen:

    He’s very Intriguing and his intelligence is beyond my understanding. I respect the amazing things he’s done and has made an amazing amount of money too... pretty incredible really.


    From Facebook commenter Rebecca Way:

    Mixed emotions. Sometimes I think he is bad. Others maybe he is good. Not sure.


    From Facebook commenter Judy Wood Padilla:

    He's an interesting character & quite brilliant; I understand he's autistic. I agree with with him on free speech.


    From Facebook commenter Bianca Rose Peterek:

    I am actually quite intrigued by him. When I've heard some of the reasons behind what he does, I see a wonderfully autistic brain and someone with whom I could have 1000 references. There are things people talk about that he does that seem over the top, but when I see what's behind them, when I dig a little bit deeper, I see some of the same issues with which I have battled over the years. Yes he has great big piles of money and a lot of that is from his big ideas, but he was probably the little boy who had meltdowns before anyone knew how to help. He probably experiences huge amounts of anxiety and all people see is this great big rich man. He probably wants constant structure because that is the way he feels safe. I want to ask him all about these things, but it's probably not going to happen because I've never met the man and those are intimate thoughts to be having about a stranger.


    From Facebook commenter Christopher Sherritt:

    Seems like an interesting guy. Supremely confident in himself.

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    He's Made Smart Choices

    From Facebook commenter Jester Lemond:

    I think he is great, he could have just sat back and been like most rich kids and never did anything with his life but instead he invested his life and money in science and has helped push mankind forward with his research and technology development.


    From Facebook commenter Marian Napora:

    He's great. All the moves he's making are good. Moving to Texas, preserving free speech by trying to buy Twitter. And he was not [a] spoiled brat. He works to get to where he is.

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    He's A Genius

    From Facebook commenter Marti Hall Dolsay:

    Genius! Richest man in the world who just wants to save the humans. On the other hand, I don’t trust anyone with that much money.


    From Facebook commenter Diane Pelletier Hoffman:

    I think that he might seem odd to many but he is a genius so most people can’t relate to him and how he thinks. I like how he thinks outside the box to bring new and innovative things that can improve everyday life. I like that he wants to protect free speech and our democracy from the corrupt media .


    From Facebook commenter Arren Donaldson:

    A great engineer pushing the boundaries of physics. Love watching anything about him and all of his interviews. True genius pushing the electric car revolution forward and making space travel a dream again plus so much more..


    From Facebook commenter Alex Leafe:

    An innovator who triggers those who do not innovate.

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