'Lord of the Rings' Fans Share Interesting Theories About Elrond

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When you live as long as Elrond has you get to become shockingly influential, but all that time alive means there are lots of gaps that people are curious to fill. These fans have pointed out some of the most interesting fan theories about the legendary Elf.

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    Gandalf And Galadriel Helped Elrond Come To Terms With Leaving Middle-earth

    From Redditor u/Horacerumplewart:

    After Aragorn’s wedding the Hobbits, Gandalf, Galadriel, and Elrond travel together for a while as they head home. At night, after the Hobbits had fallen asleep, it says in the book Gandalf, Galadriel, and Elrond sat around and -essentially- communicated telepathically, without words.

    I was imagining this once after having read a post about how Elrond had suffered so much loss. So here he is, having just given away his beloved daughter to his beloved ward Aragorn, knowing she will die so soon. His Ring of power is extinguished. He’s also losing Rivendell, and soon he’ll be leaving Middle-earth and throwing himself on the mercy of the Valar, which he might be a bit nervous about.

    I imagine that Gandalf and Galadriel are helping the great healer to heal himself, to accept the end of his mission on Middle-earth. I like the thought of Elrond finding peace on those nights, surrounded by snoring Hobbits.

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    Deep Down Elrond Knows Arwen Staying With Aragorn Is Good For Middle-earth And Restoring The Dunedain

    From Redditor u/nilhaus:

    I don't recall Elrond being so glum regarding personal matters in the books, though he is serious about the fate of Middle-earth.

    While he knows it is a personal loss to allow Arwen to marry Aragorn and accept the Gift of Man, he knows it is for the good of Middle -earth to rejuvenate the line of the Dunedain. Citing that Aragorn becomes King of Gondor and Arnor first was also for the good of Middle-earth, not some sort of impossible task set up to let him fail. Elrond was like a father to Aragorn, and wanted the best not only for him, but for all men.

    Given Elrond's enormous age, I imagine he knows much about life and death, including the Gift of Men. It is said that in time Elves and even Valar would envy the gift, and Elrond likely remembers a time when men willingly passed from this world with peace, not fled from death like an enemy.

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    Elrond Had A Claim To Gandalf's Sword

    From Redditor u/drogyn1701:

    When Elrond is examining Glamdring and tells Gandalf that the sword belonged to the king of Gondolin, that's his great grandfather he's referring to. Elrond probably could have claimed the sword as a direct descendant if he had wanted to.

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    Elrond Knew Flying The Eagles To Mordor Wouldn't Work

    From Redditor u/exodusaccount:

    It's almost certainly the case that Gandalf, Elrond, et al, knew that Sauron would have some sort of way to counter the Eagles and attacks from the air. No one would want to take that risk, because it's a high-profile entrance, and losing an aerial battle would ensure that Sauron knows where the Ring is. Even had the Ring fallen to the ground to be recovered by someone on foot, you bet your behind that Sauron would have amassed his entire army to go root out that Ring, wherever it fell. This solution is simply too risky, and clearly no one was willing to do it, as it was likely considered an impossibility. Otherwise, it would have been suggested.

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    Elrond And Gandalf Planned The Members Of The Fellowship In Advance

    From Redditor u/Alastein:

    In the movie, it comes across as though the formation of the Fellowship, and even the Ring-bearer himself, is more or less by accident--whoever happens to be there at the moment and is up for a life-changing adventure. But there are clues that actually, the whole thing was carefully orchestrated beforehand.

    Crucial to this theory is the point that the Elves are telepathic. We see Elrond communicating in this manner in The Two Towers, and Gandalf and Galadriel do it in The Hobbit. Also in the Fellowship of the Ring, Galadriel and Frodo ‘talk’ like this, although Frodo is really just thinking back at her. This is important to establish what happens later in the Council.

    Read the full theory here.

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    Elrond Is Less Happy In 'Lord of the Rings' Because He's Coping With Arwen's Coming Mortality

    From Redditor u/Smallwater:

    So, I just watched the extended edition of The Hobbit, and I noticed that Elrond seems much happier and less moody than in the original trilogy. I got to thinking, and I think I found a reason (there may be lots more).

    In LoTR, Aragorn claims he is around 80 years old (84, iirc). That would mean, that around the time The Hobbit takes place, Aragorn would be around 20. Which would mean he hasn't really gotten the time to get serious with Arwen. That would also mean that Arwen is still happily living in either Rivendell, or in Lothlorien.
    So, somewhere between The Hobbit (happy Elrond) and The LOTR (grumpy Elrond), Arwen and Aragorn meet again, they fall in love, and Arwen promises him to give up her immortal life.

    I think that is why Elrond loses his cheer; his daughter is basically dying on him, and he basically loses her.

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