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Every Easter Egg In The Arrowverse's "Elseworlds" Crossover

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The CW's annual Arrowverse crossover has become a massive television event. What started as a pair of episodes that featured characters from Arrow and The Flash interacting has evolved into movie-length stories involving multiple Earths, heroes-turned-villains, and body-swapping comedy. The crux of the crossover is to celebrate the comic world that it emulates, highlighting both stakes and levity when appropriate. These yearly events are always packed to the brim with hidden nods to the comics, television, and films.

"Elseworlds," the 2018 crossover, brings together a lot of previously unseen realms, from Earth-90 to Gotham City. It's going to take a keen eye to catch everything, as there are plenty of Easter eggs to uncover in each episode.

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    Jim Lee's Art

    Photo: The CW

    After vibing the past conversation between the Monitor and John Deegan, Oliver makes a superspeed drawing of what he saw and points out the meeting took place in Gotham City.

    The art itself was done by legendary comic artist Jim Lee.

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    Ivo Labs

    Photo: The CW

    Shortly after Oliver wakes up, he is called - as the Flash - to deal with a break-in at a lab. The lab in question is Ivo Labs, and though it's located in Central City, it's actually Oliver who has a history with it.

    Professor Ivo shows up in Arrow's second season while Oliver is stuck on Lian Yu. Oliver kills him shortly after he develops the Mirakuru serum that gives Slade Wilson his strength. 

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    Ringless John Diggle

    Photo: The CW

    When Earth-90 Flash shows up to warn the team about The Monitor's plan he recognized Diggle. He comments that he's not wearing his ring. This is reference to the constant fan theory that Diggle was going to become the Arrowverse's Green Lantern, John Stewart.

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    Shakespeare Bust

    Photo: The CW

    While having a conversation with Kate Kane, Kara picks a bust of Shakespeare out of a box. In the 1966 Batman series, a Shakespeare bust is what Bruce pulled to head to the Batcave.

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