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Everyone Elton John Has Ever Dated

He may be a world-famous rockstar, but that doesn’t mean the list of Elton John relationships need to be excessively long. With the people Elton John has dated, the “Tiny Dancer” singer seems to have preferred more long-term relationships.

Despite the fact that Elton John married Renate Blauel in 1984, there is no Elton John wife. There are, however, Elton John girlfriends and Elton John boyfriends. He and Blauel split in 1988. Another Elton John girlfriend - and briefly fiancée - was Linda Woodrow. They dated for two years, with Elton John abruptly ending things in 1970.

Is Elton John single? No, and he has not been for a while. So who is Elton John dating? The current Elton John husband is David Furnish, with whom the star shares two sons, Elijah and Zachary. David was an Elton John boyfriend for many years prior to their wedding, which took place in December 2014, when gay marriage became legal in the UK. The two have been together for over 25 years. Furnish rounds out the Elton John dating history.

So who has Elton John dated? Find out on this comprehensive list of the men Elton John dated, and the women Elton John dated. This list features all of the Elton John exes, how they got together, and what led to their separation. 

  • Linda Woodrow

    Linda Woodrow and Elton John dated from for two years, and even became engaged. However, Elton John abruptly ended the relationship in 1970. 

    Linda Woodrow is rumored to be the inspiration behind Elton John song "Someone Saved My Life Tonight."