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13 Conspiracy Theories About Elvis Being Alive That People Still Believe

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Singer Elvis Presley was a beloved artist who died tragically young. And as a result, there are many Elvis conspiracy theories circulating on the internet. Was Elvis Presley murdered? Did he fake his own death? According to official reports, Presley unceremoniously died in his bathroom at Graceland on August 16, 1977. The official cause of death was a heart attack, but it was later revealed he had a strong concoction of prescription drugs in his body. Police did not investigate, and photos weren’t taken at the scene because there were no signs of suicide. Foul play was not believed to be a factor either.

Yet, some have never been able to come to terms with his death. It has been a source of fascination since he passed more than 40 years ago. Elvis death theories range from the plausible to the ridiculous. Many conspiracy theorists think he pretended to die in order to live a life out of the spotlight. Others think he is working undercover with the federal government. Super fans have tracked Presley sightings over the years and often present “evidence” they believe definitively proves the King of Rock 'n' Roll still walks among us. Check out some of the more outrageous theories.

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    He Killed Himself

    At the time of his passing, Presley was reportedly depressed. He was overweight, unhealthy, and heavily using drugs. His marriage to Priscilla had failed, and he was afraid to go on tour because of the way he looked (by some estimates he weighed 350 pounds). His handlers took care of him, and he was administered a drug cocktail several times throughout the night and day.

    But according to some conspiracy theorists, on the day of his passing, Presley took several pills and injections all at once.

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    He's In Hiding Due To Threats On His Life

    Conspiracy theorist Mickey Moran believed Presley faked his own passing because someone was threatening to take his life. Moran wrote on his website:

    I also believe that he wants to come back to his fans while there is still time but the powers that be are making more with him "dead." I now believe that he is being forced to stay in hiding against his wishes. I want to help him do the ultimate "Comeback Special."

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    He Is Working Undercover For The DEA

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    Photo: Ollie Atkins/White House / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Did the King fake his own passing to work undercover for the federal government? According, Presley met President Richard Nixon in 1970 and bonded with the president over their shared views against communism and drug use. Conspiracy theorists believe the president decided to make Presley a special agent in what is now called the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and Presley's task was to secretly help the government combat drug abuse.

    This would also allow Presley to remove himself from the spotlight, and both he and the government would benefit. Considering he abused prescription drugs, this theory is a little hard to believe.

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    A Black Helicopter Swept Him Away To Bermuda

    Many conspiracy theorists believe Presley wanted to live a life away from the spotlight. The only way he could do that was by faking his own demise. Their proof? Not long before his corpse was found in Graceland, a black helicopter arrived on his property. Presley allegedly got on board and traveled to Bermuda where he was never heard from again.

    But that doesn't explain the body that was found in the bathroom.

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