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Elvis Presley And Richard Nixon Once Shared The Strangest White House Meeting Of All Time

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In 1970, there were few - if any - people in America more famous than Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon. Both the King of Rock and Roll and the president of the United States were at the top of the world, and only a few years away from their dramatic falls from grace - which is part of what makes their December 21, 1970, meeting at the White House so fascinating.

The photo of the two shaking hands in the Oval Office is one of the few legendary images with positive connotations from the notoriously scandalous President Nixon, who is ranked among the worst presidents in the popular imagination. Such an encounter might appear mundane for a celebrity as famous as Elvis, but the outrageous details of the meeting and how it came to take place, qualify it as one of the wildest Elvis stories

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