Elysium Movie Quotes

"Elysium" movie quotes take viewers into a futuristic world where the gap between rich and poor is vast, but one man wants to change that. The science-fiction action movie was written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, formerly of "District 9" fame. "Elysium" opened in standard and IMAX Digital theaters on August 9, 2013.

In "Elysium," the year is 2154 and earth as we know it now is has been overpopulated and turned into a massive slum home to the poor masses. Above earth stands Elysium, a space station home to the very elite. On Elysium, the wealthy have everything they need including food, medical services that cure diseases nearly instantly and prosperity. The people of earth have very little and are bossed around by robot enforcers who make sure they have no chance of leaving their planet for Elysium.

Max DeCosta (Matt Damon) is a former criminal who now just wants to live a normal, uneventful life on earth. His plans change when an industrial accident gives him a cancer virus and only five days to live. Max knows that he could be cured on Elysium but getting there is impossible with the tough security, overseen by Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster). His friend Julio (Diego Luna) along with Spider (Wagner Moura) have other plans: To fit Max with a special exoskeleton which will allow him to steal the identity of wealthy Elysium resident John Carlyle (William Fitchner) and get to Elysium for treatment.

"Elysium" is yet another summer 2013 blockbuster joining other films in theaters such as "2 Guns," "Blue Jasmine," "The Wolverine," "The To Do List," "Only God Forgives," "Girl Most Likely," "Red 2," "R.I.P.D.," "Pacific Rim," "Grown Ups 2," "The Lone Ranger," "Despicable Me 2," "The Heat," "White House Down," "World War Z," "Man of Steel," "This Is the End," and "Olympus Has Fallen."
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    Shoot Them Down

    Shoot Them Down
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    Security Warning Voice: "Three undocumented ships are approaching Elysium airspace."
    Secretary Delacourt: "Shoot them down."

    The powerful security system of Elysium is tested when three undocumented ships attempt to enter the space station. Within seconds of the orders from Secretary Delacourt, the ships are completely destroyed.
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    It's Time to Change Everything

    It's Time to Change Everything
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    Max DeCosta: "There's nothing left down here. They have it all on Elysium, food, water, medicine, and they'll do anything to keep us out. It's time to change everything."

    Max explains the current state of life in the year 2154. The gap between the rich and poor is vast and here stretches from earth, where the poor have nothing, and Elysium, where the rich have it all, and want to keep it that way.
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    Hair Products

    Hair Products
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    Guard: "What's in the bag?"
    Max DeCosta: "Hair products, mostly… I'm just, can I?"
    Guard: [Attacks]
    Max DeCosta: "Hey, hey, hey, I'm just going to work."
    Guard: [Beats Max] "Thank you, citizen"
    Max DeCosta: "No, thank you"

    While waiting for the bus, Max is approached by a guard who does not take his hair products joke too well. While a human might be able to understand the joke seeing as how Max has no hair, this robot was not amused.
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    Would You Like to Talk to a Human?

    Would You Like to Talk to a Human?
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    Max DeCosta: "Hello, uh, before we start I'd just like to explain…"
    Parole Robot: "Max DeCosta, 36 years old, violation of penal code 2219 today at bus stop 34B…"
    Max DeCosta: "Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. You see, I believe there's been a misunderstanding."
    Parole Robot: "Immediate extension of parole duration by a further eight months."
    Max DeCosta: "Wait, what? No, no, no, no, no, I can explain what happened. I just made a joke and, uh, you know."
    Parole Robot: "Stop talking. Elevation of heart rate detected. Would you like a pill?"
    Max DeCosta: "No, thank you. What I'd like to do is explain…"
    Parole Robot: "Stop talking. Personality suggests a 78.3% chance of regression to old behavior patterns: Grand theft auto, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest. Would you like to talk to a human?"
    Max DeCosta: [In a robot voice] "No, I am okay. Thank you"
    Parole Robot: "Are you being sarcastic and/or abusive?"
    Max DeCosta: [In a robot voice] "Negative"

    After a minor misunderstanding with a robot guard, Max is called in to learn that his parole has been extended by eight months. As if trying to get a human to understand that the incident was nothing was not already hard enough, Max has to deal with a robot instead.