T-Shirts You Regret Wearing as a Kid in the '90s

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Vote up the sick tees you totally rocked in the '90s, but are feeling some serious regret about today.

The 1990s were a peak time in history for terrible fashion, and among that bad fashion were some truly regrettable '90s t-shirts. For some reason we all thought it would be a great idea to wear giant shirts covered in cartoon characters who were dressed like Tupac, and even bigger shirts that were simply advertisements for two wheeled death machines. If you were alive during the last decade of the 20th century, you wore some of these embarrassing '90s t-shirts and there’s no reason to try to hide it.

No one was cool in the '90s. You maybe thought you were cool in your Tommy Hilfiger shirt with the extra wide pseudo American flag, but you were a dork and it’s time to admit it. It’s hard to distinguish between bad shirts from the '90s and the worst '90s t-shirts so we need your help. Vote up the now-embarrassing shirts you totally rocked in the ‘90s and if you’re still wearing your B.U.M. Equipment tee to the beach, leave a comment so we can file a report with the fashion police.