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Celebrities Have Been Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Pictures For A Great Cause  

Alex Welch
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When it comes to unique ways to raise money for a worthy cause, celebrities posting childhood pics for Puerto Rico likely sits near the top of the list. The people of Puerto Rico are struggling to survive following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, and every little bit helps. So, to raise money and awareness for the relief effort, Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll came up with an ingenious and fun way for stars to pitch in.

It all began when Kroll appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He mentioned how he had encouraged celebrities to post awkward photos of themselves tagged #PuberMe. Kroll and Colbert both pledged to donate money to Puerto Rico relief funds every time a new famous person posted an embarrassing photo from their past.

People were quick to join the Puerto Rico celebrity charity relief movement. Here are some of the best Puerto Rico charity pics that have been posted. And if you or anyone you know wants to donate as well, you can give to any of the organizations listed here.


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