15 People Share Their Most Embarrassing Doctor Visits To Prepare You For the Worst

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Doctor's appointments can end up being pretty awkward. If you want to learn how to avoid embarrassment at the doctor's, or at least prepare for it, then keep reading! And don't forget to vote on the most embarrassing stories that let you know what to expect at the doctor's office.

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    They Didn't Realize Their Swimsuit Was Causing Their Symptoms

    From Redditor u/goat_on_a_pole:

    I was getting ready to go to a BBQ/pool party. Changed in to to my swimsuit, put clothes over it and I was doing chores before I left home. My face started feeling numb and I was getting a headache. Called the advice nurse, she told me to call for an ambulance. Paramedics come, transport me to hospital, check in to the ER. They do an exam, CT scan, and labs. They find nothing and decide to discharge me to follow up with my regular doctor.

    While waiting for discharge paperwork, I'm sitting on a hospital bed in the hall. My neck is really aching from my halter-top swimsuit holding my chest up so I pull the strap over my head to relieve the pressure.... And then it hits me; I'm fairly large chested and my halter-top swimsuit was pinching a nerve in my neck and causing all the symptoms. I was too embarrassed to tell the doctor or nurses.

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    They Burped In The Doctor's Face

    From Redditor u/Nintendevotion:

    I burped in the doctor's face during a strep test. I felt so bad lol

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    They Thought Air Freshener Was Ear Freshener

    From Redditor u/NowCanBeLoudAndProud:

    I was 5 years old, not too bright, and thought Air Freshener was EAR Freshener. So I plugged the end of a Febreze into my ear and let loose. I actually made it to the second ear before I realized I messed up. Burning pain, damaged my eardrums from the pressure, bad everything for me.

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    They Chewed A Tylenol And Threw Up Everywhere

    From Redditor u/Freikorp:

    I was pretty young, had never swallowed a pill before, my only experience with anything pill like was Flinstone vitamins. I was in there with my mom and was given a Tylenol and a cup of water, and I guess no one imagined I had never taken a pill before, so I immediately popped it in my mouth and vigorously chewed, and then immediately threw up from the bitter taste. My reaction was surprise and confusion.

    The doctor was just like "You just swallow them... with the water..." like I was dumb.

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    They Wanted To Look Like A Pirate And Ended Up In Urgent Care

    From Redditor u/Polaris2acrux:

    When I was about 13 , I got one of my little sister's stick on earrings stuck in my ear. I had been watching a documentary about pirates and decided I wanted to look like one and have an earring on one ear. Somehow it ended up inside my ear canal rather than on my earlobe. And in trying to get it out, I pushed it in deeper to the point that no one could get it out.

    We had to go to urgent care. I was embarrassed to tell my parents, let alone a doctor, how and why it happened as I was old enough to know that it was a pretty ridiculous story: "I wanted to look like a pirate and I pushed this tiny metal sticker deep in my ear because I was watching TV at the same time as trying to put the sticker on"

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    Their Gynecologist Asked A Very Awkward Question 

    From Redditor u/GargleHemlock:

    The time I went for a pelvic exam, and my gynecologist was rummaging around down there and suddenly asked me if I'd ever been to the Grand Canyon.

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