15 Gym Rats Share Their Most Embarrassing Gym Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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If you've ever visited a gym, you've probably come across quite a few different gym stereotypes. There's the people who misuse gym equipment, the bros who want to coach you, and those just minding their own business. People that frequent the gym have more than their fair share of embarrassing gym stories, and they're sharing them here today so you don't make the same mistakes. Read on to learn some gym rat stories and vote up!

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    Things Got Loud While On The Treadmill

    From Redditor u/RG3ST21:

    Running on a treadmill at the gym where I worked, ripped LOUD farts on like 5 consecutive steps. It was busy. I left.

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    Wore The Wrong Color Leggings In Public

    From Redditor u/becbecs:

    Went for a good long run in my new dark gray spandex leggings. Only after getting into the changing room post-run did I realize that sweat shows on dark gray spandex leggings. Oh it shows so much.

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    Wore The Wrong Underwear And Paid The Price

    From Redditor u/HarryHipantz:

    As a freshman in college, our strength coach was teaching us good squat form, and all the upperclassmen were watching us. Stupid me decided to wear boxers underneath my gym shorts. When it was my turn to demonstrate my squat and have my form picked apart by the coach and seniors alike, my boxers tore and made the loudest ripping sound imaginable. The whole team laughed as a torn apart pair of boxers hung out from my shorts.

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    The Person Beside Them Laughed So Hard They Had To Stop Working Out

    From Redditor u/iwantkitties:

    Had my headphones in when I was adjusting the decline bench to flat. Went to sit on it and realized as the thing loudly plummeted to the ground that I didn't lock it in any way.

    The guy next to me was laughing so hard he had to stop his workout.

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    Did A Walk Of Shame through The Gym After A Mishap

    From Redditor u/LasagnaLasagna:

    Whenever I sprint and then stop, I always pee a little. I can't help it. One day I was wearing pink leggings and a cropped top...that was the day that "peeing a little" turned into "peeing torrents and unable to stop the flow".

    Had to do quite the walk of shame out to my car...and then another walk of shame into the house past my boyfriend.

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    Only Loaded One Side Of The Bar With Weights

    From Redditor u/carter_daTHIRD:

    Pre-workout in my system, Kanye West in my ears, I'm ready to start my lifts. No one is using the bench, so I make my way over there. There's a couple of gym bros around, no big deal. Time to show them that this skinny guy can lift, and lift damn well.

    Warm-up set of 185lbs. Load the 45. Load the 25. Change the song. Skrillex. Yuck. But it'll do. Lay down on the bench... lift the bar... IMMEDIATELY the bar swings to the left. I only loaded one side of the bar with weights... of course, the biggest guy over there comes over, "You ok, Big Guy?". I think being called "Big Guy" by a big guy after a rookie error hurt more than the fall from the bench.