20 People Share Their Cringiest Middle School Memories

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Twitter user @uhhmmily shared a story of how they ordered a Starbucks drink in an embarrassing way, and other people are sharing their middle school stories, too.

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    Flying Booger

    From Redditor u/deleted:

    I was sitting next to my crush and I sneezed, causing one of the biggest boogers I've ever seen to fly directly onto her hand. She started screaming and everybody ran over to see what had happened. She told me to get something to wipe it off with, but for some reason I'm just like, "No," and made her get up to clean it off.

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    Howl At The Moon

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    Welcome Home Demigod

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    Parody In Underpants

    From Redditor u/AvalancheDG:

    I was really into YouTube skits in seventh grade, so I made one of a Lord of the Rings parody in my underwear and posted it to Facebook. Never ever again.