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13 Embarrassing Middle School Stories That Make Us Glad We're Adults

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Middle school can be a hard time and, needless to say, we are glad we aren't in middle school anymore. These stories below may be triggering if you ever had an embarrassing moment in middle school (which you most definitely did).

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    Got Quarters?

    Posted by u/standard_apathy:

    My aunt worked for J.Crew corporate offices and now and then she would get clothes from sample sales etc. She gave me this tan leather racing style bike jacket. I was in 8th grade and was a bit of a dork. There was this girl. Let's call her Stephanie. I was madly in love with this girl. She consumed my every thought. After asking her out in 6th grade and getting rejected (Poor dumb kid, premature face acne and chicken pox make for a terrible 6th grade) and no such luck in 7th grade, I figured 8th grade was the year I'd shoot my shot, after a nice little growth spurt. As a12 year old, I did what 12 year olds do with money, save cash and coins in a jar. For some reason that morning, I emptied my coin jar, fished out all quarter and was like "20 bucks in quarters totally cool, totally normal, today is gonna be a great day, Sweet!" With a fresh hair cut, timberlands, new Jean's and my new bike jacket, I said to myself today is the day. I got to school feeling myself. Never mind the weight of 80 coins in my inner jacket pockets, as far as I was concerned, I was the sh*t and was going to get the girl of my dreams. So there she was standing in the cafeteria, as I walking down the stairs. I saw her, she saw me, we locked eyes. I thought to myself perfect, I'm holding my jacket, I should swing it around and put it on in one smooth motion. As I did this, clink clink clink clink clink clink clink, 20 dollars in quarters, 80 freaking quarters fell on the floor and bounced and rolled for what was arguably 20 minutes. I had her attention. I had the whole school's attention, kids we coming up to me like yooooo, pointing and laughing literally in my face. She made this face like she didn't want to laugh in my face (sweet girl in retrospect). One girl was just baffled like, "were you going to do laundry or..." later that day I heard one girl say "I just don't know why he would have so many quarters on him like that". So there's quarters all over the cafeteria floor and someone says to me, you gonna pick that up, I was like "Nah, it's cool I ain't really need it" and I walked away. By this time kids were already like free money! To this day, I'll be taking a shower and that memory will pop up in my head and I'll literally have to talk out loud to think about something else. So cringey.

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    Why Didn't They Send You Home?!

    Posted by u/cuddlyembrace:

    Was feeling sick and threw up all over myself. They didn’t let me go home so I had to finish the day smelling like vomit.

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    No Shoes, No Skirt, Big Problem

    Posted by u/glitterygalaxy:

    I went to a private school and we had to wear uniforms. I was leaning against the fence in winter and three of my guy friends were building a snow fort around me. One looked up, giggled, nudged the others. They all glanced up and started laughing but kept on building.

    The bell rang and we always raced to the door. I got inside, hung up my coat and sat down before realizing my skirt was not on me! My legs had frozen so I didn't even notice that it had slipped off. So then I was excused from class to run around outside in my gitch and parka looking for half my outfit in the snow.

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    Oh No

    Posted by u/[deleted]:

    Got caught sexting via email, her mom read it all over the phone to my mom.

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