Ranker Readers Are Revealing Their Most Embarrassing Moments At A Corporate Holiday Party

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Though corporate parties are nice and have free food and drinks, they can end up being a disaster and lead to the most cringe moment of your life. A fun moment can turn into an embarrassing one around colleagues if you're not careful. If you are not fully convinced, you need to read these stories from our Facebook friends and learn some fun reasons to be afraid of corporate parties. Check out these holiday party moments our readers want to forget and vote up the ones that'll have you avoiding your next work party.

Comments have been edited for length and clarity.

  • Giving Too Much Love
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    Giving Too Much Love

    From Facebook commenter Christopher R:

    I accidentally signed love on my Secret Santa card because I'm so used to it.

  • Fighting Out Of Jealousy
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    Fighting Out Of Jealousy

    From Facebook commenter Patty D:

    A coworker got jealous of a different co-worker talking to his wife. He picked up a poinsettia and threw it at the guy's head. He hit him, the guy had a few scrapes and one cut.

    The dude couldn't understand why he got walked out of the party, took into custody, and then fired.

  • Food Fight
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    Food Fight

    From Facebook commenter Marlin P:

    A food fight in a restaurant party room. Our company was requested not to return. (No, I will not be providing details.)

  • Don't Be So Loud Next Time
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    Don't Be So Loud Next Time

    From Facebook commenter Chris L:

    My friend was looking for the bathroom and walked [into] the host study by mistake. She saw a bottle of Gran Patron Platinum tequila and grabbed it. She found the bathroom but also found the garage. She came and got me and we sat in the garage and we drank a lot of it. We were discovered because we were being so loud and we got into so much trouble.

  • They Made The Girl Cry
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    They Made The Girl Cry

    From Facebook commenter Gina K:

    We had a Secret Santa exchange at my work a few years ago. We made an agreement to spend no more than $5 because it wasn't a big deal and no one really cared. A coworker of mine bought a card and put a $5 bill in it for the name he got. The girl who received it actually started crying, insulted the person who gave it to her, and made a fool of herself because she was offended by her gift.

  • Spilling The Food
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    Spilling The Food

    From Facebook commenter Ardis Oates-G:

    I was talking to a guy who tried to look cool by leaning against the food table and the whole table flipped up. spilling all of the food onto the floor.