Embarrassing Yankees Moments That Haters Love to Bring Up

With 27 World Series Championships, the MLB’s New York Yankees are the winningest organization in all of American sports. When you realize that there’ve only been 111 World Series played thus far, you grasp the fact that the Yankees have won a whopping 24% of them. But despite all that glory, the haters will always ask: what are the worst Yankees moments?

With lots of winning inevitably comes lots of dislike, and it’s no secret that supporters of other teams tend to despise the Yankees. Maybe the team's outspoken fan base plays a role in the widespread disdain, or perhaps it’s simply the manner in which they’ve defeated so many other franchises, leaving sad memories and a bad taste in the mouths of their fans. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that it brings many people great joy to see the New York Yankees doing poorly. Believe it or not, as well great as they’ve been through the years, they’re not immune to moments of poor performance and humiliating fails - with a slew of embarrassing Yankees moments to look back on.

Whether they’re losing baseball games, losing their cool, losing credibility, or really doing anything that isn’t hoisting up The Commissioner's Trophy, haters of the Yankees can revel in the glory of their nemesis at any of their embarrassing and funny moments. Vote up the most memorable Yankees fails below!