Best New Brands To Hit The Market in 2019

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The start of a new year invariably ushers in some fundamental, although gradual, change in consumer behavior. At the end of a year, people tend to reflect on the previous twelve months and seek out some unifying trend in their lives, or even whether the year as a whole was a net positive or negative. As 2018 draws to a close and 2019 steps up to take its place, online research points to what buying habits and overall trends consumers are likely to practice and seek - maintaining the overall wellbeing of the body, considering plastic alternatives, and curating online personas through social media are some of the dominating projections of the season.

In order to meet these demands, brands are rethinking their marketing strategies, and new brands are connecting personally with consumers in order to build customer bases. Many new clothing lines are adopting more casual, urban silhouettes to mimic shifting ideals of style; skincare brands are focusing more on individual consumer needs rather than marketing cure-all products to the masses; home goods companies are dedicated to producing high-quality products through eco-friendly methods. Personalized, green solutions to customers' needs will undoubtedly be dominating themes of the next year. Be sure to vote on which of the brands listed below are the best representatives of these shifting consumer demands. 

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