26 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Already Know About Eminem

Eminem isn't just one of the best rappers working right now, he's arguably one of the best rappers of all time. The man redefined rap in his early game and continued to do it as he evolved and matured. He changed how rap music was perceived by the mainstream and brought shock rap to the masses, while preaching some important messages.  

Marshall Mathers (as he is legally known) has had a crazy and phenomenal stint in the rap game. After fighting his way to the top in the underground hip-hop clubs of Detroit, he rose to win an Oscar and become one of the most well-known rappers of his time. Eminem is a force of nature and he doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

But who is Eminem? Who is this notoriously private and shy rapper (regardless of his loud persona and even louder lyrics) deep down? We've poured through interview after interview for some of the best Eminem stories that really paint a picture of the man, compiling Eminem trivia, quotes, and anecdotes. Consider this your own personal Eminem Wiki page!