'Cruella' Star Emma Stone Has An Idea For The Next Disney Villain Origin Story

June 2, 2021 5.4k views

Academy Award winner Emma Stone has been making the rounds to promote her recently released Disney villain movie Cruella, and she has another famous Disney villain in mind for the next origin story the studio should tackle.

While speaking with Variety, Stone named Little Mermaid baddie Ursula as the next villain she would like to see get the standalone film treatment.

“She’s an octopus and the world you would get to live in, like Ursula’s parents and what happened there,” Stone said. “You’ve never really seen a non-human Disney villain be explored in that way.”

Exploring the backstory of the famed fashion designer/dog-napper Cruella DeVil, Cruella appears to be on its way to becoming a modest hit, playing in both theaters and on the Disney+ streaming service. So, it's not out of the question for the studio to look for more villains to humanize on screen, as it has done in Maleficent and now Cruella

Meanwhile, Melissa McCarthy has been cast as Ursula in an upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, to be directed by Chicago helmer Rob Marshall. There is no word yet on whether that film will give more backstory to the sea witch, but whatever it does add would likely pale in comparison to a standalone Ursula film.

Stone's Cruella co-star Kirby Howell-Baptiste also chimed in, saying, "I gotta know how Ursula came to be. Like, why is she so damn mean? But also I know that she’s misunderstood."

For now, Disney fans will have to be content with learning what events led up to the 101 Dalmatians, but if there's money to be made, it might not be long before Stone gets her wish and we get that Ursula movie.