12 Reactions To Emma Watson And Rupert Grint Talking About Their 'Harry Potter' Kiss

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One portion of the Harry Potter reunion that caught a lot of fan's attention was Emma Watson and Rupert Grint talking about their kiss in the final film. The reactions range from feeling bad for Rupert because of Emma saying how awful it was to others saying the talk was the best part of the entire reunion.

  • 1. Rupert Clinched The Best Actor Award For His Reaction

    145 votes
  • 2. Rupert's Soul Got Ripped From His Body

    122 votes
  • 3. Daniel's Reaction Only Added To The Moment

    Daniel's Reaction Only Added To The Moment
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    102 votes
  • 4. Emma Believing The Kiss Should Happen Did Make It Better

    120 votes
  • 5. Hermione Really Did Ron Dirty

    119 votes
  • 6. The Anticipation Of The Kiss Must Have Been Unbearable

    103 votes