27 Pretty Funny Memes And Great Reactions To The 2021 Emmys That Deserve Their Own Award

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AppleTV's Ted Lasso, Netflix's The Crown, and Netflix's The Queen's Gambit were the big winners for the 2021 Emmys, with the trio taking home top honors in their categories for their contributions to year in small screen entertainment.

In addition to best comedy, Lasso also took home honors for best actor in a comedy series (Jason Sudeikis), best supporting actor in a comedy series (Brett Goldstein), and best supporting actress in a comedy series (Hannah Waddingham), while The Crown nabbed best actress in a drama (Olivia Colman), best actor in a drama (Josh O’Connor), guest actress (Claire Foy), supporting actor in a drama (Tobias Menzies), and supporting actress in a drama (Gillian Anderson).

And in an odd year filled with great TV but strange real-world events, the folks at home (and a few folks from the audience) had a lot to say about this year's ceremony. From the weirdness of the gathering itself to a delightful celebration of the winners (and those who should have won), here are a few award-worthy tweets that deserve their own Emmy. 

Get the full list of winners here.

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    '30 Seconds Later'

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    'Who Wore It Better?'


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    Pure Comedy


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    Be Proud


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    Obi Won

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