A Python Owner Just Bred An Emoji Ball Python

There is no other snake in the world quite like this one, but there are plenty of texts, tweets, and Facebook posts that share physical similarities.

That's because this snake - dubbed the Emoji Ball Python - has smiley faces all over its body. And that's no accident. Breeder Justin Kobylka made it so this orange and white snake is unlike any other on the planet. Now, thanks to its unique breeding, the Emoji Ball Python is Internet famous. People everywhere are freaking out over this python's extremely one-of-a-kind coat.

  • It Took Snake Breeder Justin Kobylka Eight Years To Perfect The Snake's Unique Look

    It Took Snake Breeder Justin Kobylka Eight Years To Perfect The Snake's Unique Look
    Video: YouTube

    Justin Koblyka is a snake breeder who has loved snakes since he was a kid, and he's become known for his snakes with extremely unique patterns. How does he get his snakes to look this way? He carefully breeds them, putting together snakes with specific recessive genes to pull out different colors on their scales. The Emoji snake took him eight years to perfect

  • To Get A Snake To Look Like This, It Takes Genetic Mutations, Patience, And Luck

    Kobylka told The Sun that, in order to breed a snake like this, breeders put together snakes with specific genetic mutations. While these genetic mutations do occur naturally in the wild, coats like that of the Emoji Ball Python are extremely rare if not impossible to find in nature. Really, it's only through breeding that we are able to see these types of patterns.

    "Piebalds sometimes have faces in the pattern like this," he told the British newspaper. However, "[perfect] faces are astronomically rare."

  • Sorry - The Emoji Snake Is Not For Sale

    While Kobylka does sell reptiles, this one isn't for sale. Ball pythons normally go for $40, but this particular snake is estimated to be worth $4,500. Despite this, Kobylka said he has no intention of selling the snake right now. But - if you're interested - his other snakes have patterns that are equally interesting and unique.